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  • Suarez has done more than enough to warrant being sacked in any other profession, but let's face it, as long as he's scoring and creating goals I can't imagine the kind of depraved act he'd have to commit to actually be sacked as a footballer. At least Ajax immediately got rid of him when it happened there. Maybe it goes to show how low Liverpool have fallen, that they see this type of player as indispensable. I personally would be embarrassed if he played for my team, I don't care how many goals he scores or how good of a player he is, and to me it says a lot about the fans when they defend him. Why is it that there are so many cavemen types among the ranks of football players and supporters?

    I know, I know, all the Liverpool Suarez defenders will say, "What about Defoe? What about Defoe?" If you look at the Defoe incident I don't think there's much similarity. Defoe's bite was stupid no doubt, but looked totally harmless. The ref was standing right there for God's sake, and thought it only warranted a yellow card. This Suarez bite looked far more vicious, and the last time it happened at Ajax he drew blood if I'm not mistaken. And with Defoe it was one isolated incident.With Suarez it's a pattern of behavior that's repeated over and over and over again. When we played Liverpool last I saw several Spurs players who don't normally lose their cool starting to get riled up, and it was always related to Suarez. To me he's just a disgrace and Liverpool's image is continually tarnished as long as he plays there. By the way, there are plenty of other Premier League players who are also shameless and despicable who I'd be embarrassed to have on my team, Rooney and Terry immediately come to mind.

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    • This will now sound contradictory, but I think that the FA's reaction is over the top.

      To me 'punishment' is meant as an example to others not to commit the same act.
      So although I found Suarez's biting bit appalling in a 'human being sense' , in a footballing sense I think it was less of an offence than say jumping in with two feet and studs showing.

      I know Suarez has done this before, but we've all know of players who have a reputation for dodgy challenges, elbows, raking Achilles with studs etc - and also repeat the offence.

      So although to me, I think Pool should have sacked him, as presumably he must have had a written after Evra (and biting just wouldn't be accepted anywhere outside of sport it seems - rugby and boxing come to mind), I don't think that the action, in a dangerous play way was worse than a bad challenge. And, although Daffy did bite someone, I don't see that the FA need to really worry about it catching on and so issue a long ban as a deterrent.

      As a thought, maybe the FA should start a points system. Each yellow card should be assessed for type, and each time a player gets a card for a similar type of offence, that points tally increases. Once a tally reaches a certain level, an auto red is issued. Repeated reds for the same offence extends the ban period. Mind you, then Bale would have got an auto red for repeated diving...so maybe not a good idea.