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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 28, 2013 10:55 Flag

    How many points from the next games...?

    well jlock i have supported spurs since 1948(and have the scars to prove it....lol).....this seems to be a recurring theme thro' the years....they falter in the home stretch....to say it is frustrating is an understatement....the gunners were 10 points behind us and we blew it....we can still hope.....but!!

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    • Derek,
      I don't remember it as that though Derek, as for most of the time that I've followed Spurs (mid 60's), we've been a mediocre top half'ish league team - with the odd glimpse of what we should have been capable of. Especially given some of the glorious players that we've had on our books.

      I don't recall much these days anyway, but I don't remember it being like the past few seasons - especially on the goalscoring front. Maybe it's an illusion, but it seems to me that we tend to score quite freely in the opening half of the season, and then trail off. Maybe not so much this season though as to me we seemed 'off' from the 'off'. All but as if teams suss out how we play and just cancel us out.

      But the Woolwich bunch have given us a chance again. All we can do is get the wins - 3pts shouldn't be a problem against Southampton. Although I can also see Woolwich getting the points at QPR and us then going into the Chavs game needing the 3 points still to overhaul them.

      But while the points are still there to be had, any one can slip up. Like the Woolwich game yesterday. I thought, by the way they started, that they had it in the bag. But then they fail to capitalise and Utd come back into it and could have won.