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  • Jlock Jlock May 6, 2013 13:07 Flag

    AVB - Lucky or good...or bad...or

    Bit of a #$%$ wasn't it?
    I think the Chavs and Woolwich reaped the benefit of the fixture draw - as I doubt if the Utd results would have been the same had Utd still EPL Title winning points to play for.
    But such is life, it could have been us benefiting.

    Makes the Wednesday game a bit interesting doesn't it? Maybe, just maybe this will the one game that I've been waiting for where I will think that we've played well for the full 90 minutes.

    Lemmon back, Bale fit and both strikers to choose from. What's the news on Dembele?

    Maybe Luiz will also get a retrospective ban for bringing the game into disrepute as well......

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    • I just hope that AVB give the team a motivational speech to end all motivational speeches and we go out and play like our lives depended on it A MASSIVE COYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      • hi john. never meant i want avb to fail. i was saying when we were doing badly at least it means hopefully levy will sack avb & we can get a better manager in. i agree with sfers criticisms of avb. he disagrees with getting moyes in. it would be harsh to sack avb. but personally id take a gamble on moyes. he might not handle the pressure or be too negative in style of play. but i dont think we have played attractive stuff under avb. its mainly been unimaginative & predictable stuff. bale has made us look way more exciting than we are. i also get your point about walker & wigan. but in truth avb got his tactics wrong & wigan were the better team for the majority of it. & how many goals have we conceded due to avbs high line obsession. dawson & a high line is a car crash waiting to happen! i dont think avb has done a paticular bad or good job. also i dont think its a great achievement to be 5th. the prem has been low quality & very weak again. most teams bar 4 or 5 have under performed. no wonder none of our teams even made the CL QFs.

    • Well, Spurs often seem to up their game against bigger teams, only to raise our expectations and then dash them with poor performances against teams that we all think we should beat easily. I could see us beating Chelsea and then losing one of our last two games. Who knows, anything could happen. It should be a great game on Wednesday though. Let's hope AVB gets the players fired up and has something to prove against the team that treated him so unfairly.

      Had we beaten Liverpool and Fulham we might not be in this situation, but it does make for an exiting, tense finish.