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  • Joe Joe May 8, 2013 21:25 Flag

    AVB - Lucky or good...or bad...or

    I agree, we haven't played well for quiet some time IMO.

    Sadly I think SB might be right, I think it will be extremely hard for us to finish in the top 4, especially as we are currently losing 2-1 to the chavs. From 11th down its as tight as a ducks arze, but I do agree, I think Wigan will drop. I'd also put money on Martinez being the next Everton manager if Moyes does go to United.

    Did either of you expect us to be doing much better this season? When all is taken into account I think we have over achieved all season and I seem to remember most of us agreed 4-7th would be a very closely fought battle, in which we would have to do extremely well to finish 4th. IMO there has been a lot of upheavel and a worrying trend of failing to invest

    It seems unless Joe Lewis decides to throw his cash about or sell the club to some oil baron, we will always struggle to compete witht he big boys, that said its 2-2.


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    • No, I didn't expect the results to be much better and our position in the league is better than I thought, But I had thought we'd develop a 'style'. So far I'm not sure we have. For the changes in management and playing staff, I think the results have gone well for AVB - even last night's. I thought we did OK in the first half by and large, then lost the plot completely at the start of the second, to find our feet again with half hour or so to go.
      The whole defence looked poor to me last night, and a few other players had off'ish days (T'Hudd, Lemmon, Bale) - although I thought Ade did OK'ish without being too much of a direct goal threat beyond what he got.

      Still, though that's a point more than I thought we'd get and it's now down to Wigan, Newcastle, Villa and Everton. Strangely, their run-ins no longer look that easy..all we need is 6 points! Easy eh?

    • Actually, Lloris didn't have that much to do despite Chelski having the most pressure. Our midfield let us down. Parker has not been the same since his injury. Hudd was useless AGAIN (deliberate silly fouls, giving the ball away and lumbering back like a Sea Lion). Lennon was completely ineffectual and Bale had a quiet night. Dempsey was invisible and up until his goal Ade was, in the words of Gary Neville - USELESS. To be fair after that he had IMO his best game for us. Yes he didn't threaten the goal again but he at least held the ball up well (he couldn't trap a dead dog in previous matches). BAE was again caught out of position too much and his crosses were terrible. Walker and Dawson both gave the ball away far too much and too cheaply. As for AVB....why oh why, when we are 2-1 down and need goals, was Defoe not played?? It defies logic. OK Siggurdson came on and scored but why not put both on? We knew how much we needed to win that game so risks were an acceptable strategy. One point was pretty much the same as no points. We still need to win both games and #$%$ can afford 1 win and a draw regardless of our 1 point last night. AVB got it wrong IMO choosing to play Hud and not bringing on Defoe. I had to laugh when at 2-1 down and things looking desperate the camera picked out AVB with his arm around Carroll about to come on looking like a 12 year old boy scout. Is that really the best we have got? An inexperienced boy who has never scored for the first team coming on to rescue us whilst Defoe sits on the bench? Beggars belief.