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  • Layla Layla May 11, 2013 13:50 Flag

    AVB - Lucky or good...or bad...or

    its deja-vu again sfer. just like villa away last season, we need to win & score yet defoe stays on the bench. even the pundits couldnt believe defoe didnt play or come on. instead he was going to bring on carrol as u say! last season it was harry bringing on parker.id have rather defoe come on instead of dempsey. just like the villa game, that pt is highly unlikely to be of any use. it was proven last season to be of no use too. looks like we are handing top 4 to arsenal again. cant see them dropping any pts. back to the game. ade showed what he can do on his day but he isnt consistant enough. avbs high line with dawson is asking for trouble! hudd was just completly off the pace, as expected i guess. bae wasnt good enough which is quite commen for our away games.