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  • Jlock Jlock May 12, 2013 10:35 Flag

    AVB - Lucky or good...or bad...or

    I'm not so sure SB. The Chavs looked like they could have blown it yesterday. Wigan beat City.
    I know you like predictions - and you may be good at it - and I know certain things are unlikely - but that is football. It is the 'unlikely' events that keep us on the edge of our seats.

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    • disagree as always lol. fulham lost & still cant go down.. shock horror. only 1 from 3 can go down now & thats only if wigan pull off a huge shock which obviously is very unlikely. im still sticking with us 5th & wigan to go down.

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      • Is that true? I must have a duff league table. I read it that everyone from 14th and down can go down - so from Southampton and below?

        As for Daffy as well. I know he's a favourite, but dragging up Villa last year seems a bit OTT - especially when that was even a different manager. As I said before SB - maybe the managers don't see what you see - or see/know stuff from training etc that keep Daffy on the bench? The only thing now though is that another manager appears to feel the same - so so far 3 managers at Spurs and probably the same number of England managers don't appear to rate him that highly on their list.
        Again as said before, he's an average striker - he'll get circa 15 EPL goals - fine. BUT when he doesn't score, he contributes little else. And the 'myth' that he's a great scorer is not entirely true - I think his stats are still only around 1 goal in 10 shots and from his shots about half are on target.

      • ...apologies SB re the 'relegation' bit... my brain wasn't working again and I ignored that Wigan would have to beat Villa.