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  • Jlock Jlock May 5, 2013 09:11 Flag

    AVB - Lucky or good...or bad...or

    Yet again we seem to pluck a win from a game where we seemed lack lustre. I think AVB will gain a reputation from this season that isn't entirely justified by the performances. I'm not sure whether he's (we've) been exceedingly lucky this season or whether he is good. A forced sub, and then what seemed odd to me - bringing off Lemmon (the supplier) and putting on Ade (presumably for more of an aerial presence) - but we then look a bit more threatening and score.

    Another win though - and again, after the Woolwich bunch start off on the good foot, their game apparently went flat as well. Let's hope the Chavs misfire today as well (not tooooo badly that they feel the need to 'bounce' back!)

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    • poor attempt at a mind game if thats what it was! jose wont be worried. saying things like fulham can go down is silly to me. equally i could say 20 teams can win the prem next season. but its not realistic. a crazy sequence of results would have to happen for fulham to go down. not realistic. but thats just me! u & the media can pretend its a realistic outcome to make things more exciting. ignore me, its my hang up. i dont see the point in pretending things are more close & exciting than they really are. iv got no imagination! couldnt get in to star wars, lord of the rings, twilight or harry potter.

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      • I'm not so sure SB. The Chavs looked like they could have blown it yesterday. Wigan beat City.
        I know you like predictions - and you may be good at it - and I know certain things are unlikely - but that is football. It is the 'unlikely' events that keep us on the edge of our seats.

      • its deja-vu again sfer. just like villa away last season, we need to win & score yet defoe stays on the bench. even the pundits couldnt believe defoe didnt play or come on. instead he was going to bring on carrol as u say! last season it was harry bringing on parker.id have rather defoe come on instead of dempsey. just like the villa game, that pt is highly unlikely to be of any use. it was proven last season to be of no use too. looks like we are handing top 4 to arsenal again. cant see them dropping any pts. back to the game. ade showed what he can do on his day but he isnt consistant enough. avbs high line with dawson is asking for trouble! hudd was just completly off the pace, as expected i guess. bae wasnt good enough which is quite commen for our away games.

    • I would be highly surprised if we finish in the top now especially now Chelsea have beaten united we need to go and beat Chelsea in there own yard to stand any hope.
      I have screamed shouted cheered been angry this year been a roller coaster one all in all I think not qualifying for the champs league and finishing 5th will be a failure and a non improvement from last season .
      I hope AVB gets the money from levy in the summer so we can finally break into that top 4

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      • Bit of a #$%$ wasn't it?
        I think the Chavs and Woolwich reaped the benefit of the fixture draw - as I doubt if the Utd results would have been the same had Utd still EPL Title winning points to play for.
        But such is life, it could have been us benefiting.

        Makes the Wednesday game a bit interesting doesn't it? Maybe, just maybe this will the one game that I've been waiting for where I will think that we've played well for the full 90 minutes.

        Lemmon back, Bale fit and both strikers to choose from. What's the news on Dembele?

        Maybe Luiz will also get a retrospective ban for bringing the game into disrepute as well......

    • Why do I feel so nervous? Sweaty palms already....

      On the subject of AVB - I found this amusing, given that I personally think we haven't played that well (so far - to change tonight!) .....

      ...made me wonder what AVB's 'style' then was and whether he thinks we're invisible or not.

      Hopefully, his 'style' will become more apparent next season, after he's had a chance to bring in players he wants.

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      • he does say a lot of rubbish. remember him saying arsenal are on a negative spiral. & now they are odds on to finish above us. i agree that our performances have mainly been poor & lacklustre. recently i dont know how we have ended up with 7pts from last 3 games. i dont think we deserved to win any. im dreading tonight. we are going to get hammered. they are a much better side & we havent won their for 23yrs. also lennon & dembele not fit. both were rushed back to early yet again & had to go off injured. thats at least 4 times now that lennons been rushed back to soon & ended up going off injured. its just the media building up the race for 4th. the bookies are realistic & have us big outsiders for top 4. its the same with the relegation battle. its pretty clear wigan are going down. but the media are trying to make out its more exciting. odds on that arsenal & chelsea finish top4 & wigan go down. sorry to burst the so called exciting climax lie!

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