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  • You haven't got it in your hearts to send the Black Cats down, have ye. You mean to tell me the Champion's League's more important than Di Canio's show business career.
    H---I'll never speak to you again.

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    • Don't be ridiculous, you couldn't stop yourself talking to us if you tried!

      Ideally I want Wigan to go down, but I'll be cheering them on no end on Tuesday...

    • wigan wont beat the goons so sunderland are safe. u just need boro to sort out their act & come back up. dont know what went wrong with them!

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      • The Wigan guys are on a real high, Martinez has got them on Iron Brew till Tues night. I've got to say I don't think they'll lose the game at the Emirates which will be great for you guys, but it won't be enough to keep them up.
        Mike Ashley has certainly rode the waves up here and come through it. He's a brave guy and I hope it works out for him next season. Pardew impresses me, he's settled in well and next season the French connection should prove dividends, (AVB's sniffing around Ben Arfa by the way).
        Di Canio's tenure for me will be short lived, he's already proved how tactically naive he is with his last 2 team selections.
        The Boro are in the shyte financially, much the same as many other unwise cash flinging clubs in the past few years. Steve Gibson's a gold nugget, take him out of the equation and it could get rapidly worse.
        Shame it's come to the Wigan, Sunderland scenario. Got a soft spot for Wigan---I got the dog from there.
        H---woof woof.

    • Evening H and fellow Yids.
      Was really hoping Sunderland would win against Southampton yeaterday and that Newcastle would lose to QPR ,but as you already know, it all went #$%$ up and now we've ended up with Wigan or Newcastle doing us a big favour in bashing up the GOONS.
      We really are in sqeaky bum time and i'm hoping that lady luck can see it in her favour to shine down on us at last.(you know we're due some).
      Hopefully the final outcome falls in your favour too and we all end up looking forward to next saeson of EPL for you and CL for us.
      atb .....JEFFALL......COYS.......SPURS ..FOREVER....

    • Deep consideration and a couple of Jack Daniels and I've got the outcome sorted.
      The Italian injection's caused much confusion, for me the guy's a joke. A 3-1 home win no brainer.
      Pardew's blipped a bit this season but I'm pretty sure he'll come good with the French connection, and he'll have his guys wanting to get a bit of his reputation back. It's a draw, nowt-nowt or 1-1.
      So it's a merry weekend for you guys, and also bearing in mind the last prediction I got wrong was around 1973.