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    AVB - Lucky or good...or bad...or (Cont'd)

    This is now the second attempt at setting up a new thread - the old post had URL's - so I'll remove those and try again.

    SB said...
    '...dont worry. i bet a lot of people fell for that trap about the relegation. people want to believe its more exciting then it is. i disagree, i think his link up play & running off the ball is good. he easily makes the best runs out of all our strikers & is the best finisher too. that stat u used is so worthless. i mean a shot from 35yards out & 1yard out go down as the same! il leave u to use stats like that with NBR to 'prove' we are as good without bale. of course we are! lol. i dont think its OTT, its interesting that the same mistake has been made by 2 managers. also its interesting how u dont mention different managers not fancying hudd when me & sfer are criticising him. seems to me u just argue the opposite of what i say sometimes. come on john, wheres your statement about managers not fancying hudd? if u do it for defoe, then u need to do it for hudd too. oh thats right, that would mean not just saying the opposite of me & sfer! pretty pretty pretty pathetic!....'

    Daffy - I'm not sure what you're using to say Daffy is the 'best finisher' - so maybe you can clarify that. On a goals/game ratio he doesn't appear to be. On goals per minute he doesn't appear to be - so I'm not sure why my stat is 'so worthless' and whatever you're using is ok.
    As I keep repeating and will again now, IMHO Daffy is average. He is circa a 15 EPL goals per season striker. Not bad, but not exceptional. The problem is that when he doesn't score (like yesterday - so was AVB then wrong for bringing him on?), he lends very little to the game. No real hold up, very few assists (although he started better this season).
    If you're arguing that he can't shoot from distance - then refer to this
    ...link to ESPNFC...Jermain Defoe stats removed.....

    and this shows where he scores from (roughly)
    ....link to PREMIERLEAGUE Jermain Defoe stats removed

    ...so if his 'strength' of a tremendous shot from long range is then a 'worthless stat' then fine and he gets 17% of his goals from outside the area, and over 50% from distance rather than '6 yds' type stuff. I would then say, it is Daffy that decides to shoot - if he's shooting from '35 yds' and he's not capable of that in your mind, then that's his problem - and highlights the other snag - he will shoot when better options are on - hence the 'greedy' tag that he has (not just from me).

    As for T'Hudd - I'm not sure I've ever said a manager is 'wrong' when they've dropped him - so I'm not sure how he fits into this discussion. I thought this was about how Daffy is the 'saviour' and how managers are wrong for not using him?. I don't think I've ever said that a manager was 'wrong' over any decision re T'Hudd. I may say I wouldn't have done the same thing - but that doesn't make the manager wrong.
    T'Hudd has all but been a regular since being given his chance - he had injuries - see:
    ...link to TRANSFERMARKT Tom Huddlestone stats removed....

    So most of the time he hasn't played for us, he was injured. That doesn't mean he would have played either. Just that the dip in number of games can be seen to directly linked to injury when he couldn't play. I like T'Hudd...I don't think he's exceptional - but I do think that he has something to give. Personally I find him frustrating, as I think he has more to give, and should be controlling games more (much like I thought Lemmon just lacked that extra oomph - although he seems to be getting better in general).
    If AVB wants T'Hudd to go, then presumably he'll be off in the transfer window. Personally, I still think he has something to give.

    As for arguing with you and Sfre - well, as long as I don't agree with what you're saying, then I will disagree. I didn't bring up last season. I think it was you who wanted to try to score points. But if you do want to go back over the old stuff, that's no problem with me.

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    • john i dont think theirs any point us arguing. u change what u think to suit ur argument. oh & by the way, harry has said this qpr team wouldnt even finish top half of the championship. that goes against your positive manager ways. but u will just defend harry because of what he said last season. il leave u to lie to yourself again to suit what ever harry says. he has said an extremly negative thing about his own players. u always have been against this. but now harry has said it u will do a u turn or somehow say this is not a negative thing to say. or convince yourself off some other rubbish.

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      • No I won't. I don't have a fixation about 'arry and need to bring him, or what he's doing, into every situation.
        If 'arry has said what you quote - and in context - then I think he's wrong as well - OK?

        The quote that I read said...from http://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/harry-redknapp-qpr-didnt-have-the-quality-to-stay-up-8620626.html


        Harry Redknapp believes a lack of quality is to blame for Queens Park Rangers’ relegation.

        Rangers have lost 20 games this season and managed just four wins in a miserable League campaign.

        Several players have come in for criticism over an apparent lack of effort but Redknapp has dismissed that suggestion.

        “People talk about lack of effort, it’s more down to lack of quality,” said Redknapp (above), whose Rangers side face Liverpool on Sunday in their final match of the season.

        “In some cases it’s desire but in the main it’s quality. We need changes, for sure. This team weren’t good enough, so we need to make some changes and improve the squad so we’re ready. It’s a big summer for this football club. We know what we need to do. It’s going to be tough for all the teams next year.

        “We need players with the right attitude and quality to get us out of the Championship. I’m confident we can give it a real go but it’s a league full of top clubs.

        “It’s a tough league to get out of. There are no easy games in the Championship — Saturday, midweek, Saturday, midweek. We need players who can play week in week out.

        “The hard work really starts this summer. We will try to clear the decks and get some fresh blood in as well so we can compete at the top.”

        Not quote the same as the quote you've reported - so maybe somebody misread something? I read that he's talking about getting out of the Championship, don't you?

        And roughly ditto from here:

        I'm not sure why you changed the topic from how good Daffy is to 'arry though.

    • OK - so it looks like posts with URLs that this software doesn't like also get dropped. Software developers - who'd 'ave 'em 'eh?