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  • john john May 18, 2013 13:08 Flag

    Instant Karma???

    SB...If we beat Sunderland, we'll finish with our highest PL total ever, so would you say AVB has done better than Harry, or do you consider league placing as the mark of progress? I would say that on the whole, we havent played with much attacking flair this season, but that is understandable considering the lack of flair players in the team, especially in midfield...Most other teams, such as Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal use the term of being in a Transitional period when they get new players/managers in as an excuse for their below expected league placing even though as in Liverpool and Chelsea's case they have spent near £200 million in the last couple of seasons, so I personally would say we have done better this season even if we finish 5th. Hopefully we will now get the 4 or 5 quality player's we all know we need to get us playing the way we like to see us play, but probably like you I wont be holding my breath on that even if we do end up with 4th.....By the way, well done on topping our prediction table, hope you enjoy listening to your own view's on Hudds, while I got myself a bag of m+m's... lol....