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    End of Season....

    I'm not quite sure what to make of the season. I would have settled for 5th at the start - and still think that 5th is a reasonable return, given the changes (especially as we achieved 5th with a record high number of points). So on the 'results' front, I am happy to be where we are - and at the same time disappointed, given that we looked like we may get 4th for so long.

    On the 'performance' front, I think I'm less happy. I don't recall seeing a game all season where I thought '...yes...that was deserved, we played really well....'. Maybe AVB's 'style' just doesn't suit me - but in general I thought we looked devoid of ideas in most games. That obviously could simply be down to losing Modric and VdV or losing width by letting Bale roam - which then doesn't bode well for next season, as it implies that the players brought in aren't quite cutting it and I doubt if Bale will ever play wing again. Last summer's signings failed to shine as well for me - Ade was way of pace, Dempsey ok'ish in patches but largely anonymous, Glyfi ditto, Dembele ok'ish and even though the pundits seemed to rave over Vertigo, I always thought our defence looked flaky.

    That sounds more negative than it was intended to be. All in all though I thought our final position belied our performances. But now AVB has another summer to get in who he thinks he needs - so, realistically next season is the season to judge him on - and the performances.

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    • Morning John and fellow Yids.
      Dissapointed with the final outcome yesterday, but at least we won, with another superb finish from Bale.
      Although AVB mentioned the loss to Everton yesterday, for me it waqs the Fulham game that cost us, which i'm sure most of us(including the pundits) had for a Spurs home win and this is where that sort mental attitude of going into some games where we take our foot off the gas instead of going for the jugular.
      Pretty much agree with the signings bit though as equally Glen Hoddle pointed out a couple of weeks ago.
      I dare say we will have quite a clear out this summer and can see the likes of Hudd,Caulker,Parker hopefully Dempsey and maybe even Sigg or Holtby being sold to raise funds for more talented players,to strengthen our midfield and attacking areas.
      We all know this is not easy as all the big clubs are almost looking at the same players but if we can get in early instead of waiting for the final day of the transfer market then we may just get lucky.
      Felt we should have gone in for Sturridge when he was available as with his pace i'm sure we could have fitted him in with our preferred stiking game of using the flanks as Bale was alouded to roam.
      Hopefully the scouts can find another Mata or striker like Droghba (sorry to mention 2 Chelsea players) but these are the type of players that you need to help get CL football.
      I would like to think that spurs can still attract 1 or 2 big names to the lane and if we can hold onto Bale that we can continue to challenge for the future.
      At the end of the day we missed out on CL football, but we were never going to win it and niether will the goons.

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      • I think the pee off with the CL Jeff is in the financial reward. I know loads of people have knocked Wenger for his lack of trophies, but his consistent CL places must have meant that the woolwich bunch have had probably around £250M (£20M x 14) more to spend than us. Ditto for all the top 4. Whether that goes on players or a new ground, it matters not. It simply creates a massive financial divide.
        Oh, well - next season......I just hope that with Moyes gone, Everton now take a dip and that Liverpool don't find their feet. Citeh, Utd and the Chavs will also be in a state of flux. So, next season, the other teams will virtually all have reasons not to do so well- and AVB will be bedded in. Surely with all that turmoil around us, we should have a fair chance?

        As for players - no idea who I want in - but I think there will be a few players going (for little or nothing) - as two or three are now getting on a bit.
        Freidel - 42
        Gallas - 35
        Parker - 32
        Daffy/Dempsey - 30
        Ade/Daws/BAE - 29
        Little point speculating though - as I never really expected the clear out (to such a degree) last summer - and then Daws/T'Hudd were surplus and end up playing.

        Just a case of sitting back and watching the silly season that is the summer transfer window.