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  • Alan H Alan H May 29, 2013 13:50 Flag

    Get Ready For The Big One

    No sexual pun intended there, but things are revving up in Madrid. So big test for Gareth's bank manager and White Hart Lane---what do you reckon guys?

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    • I think Bale wIll be happy to stay Alan in spite of all the underhand tapping up by unreal madrid if not i hope D Levy gets maximum buck's for him and regardless if he goes or stays we get some players in to move us on and become less reliant on one individual.Maybe just maybe if D Levy had spent some money in january and Spurs had got the two targets AVB was after we would have champions league to look forward to therefore be less prone to madrid's tactics.Gareth has plenty of time to make his fortune in the future.

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      • I think Spurs will be unable to snub the amount of cash being offered for Bale and would arguably be foolish to anyway. My beloved and most highly regarded Arsenal have had to contend with every club in the world salivating over the squad year on year and have still, through great management skills and exceptional character, bravely fought their way to the biggest competition in club football with unnerving regularity.
        Perhaps we should all raise a glass to the genius of Arsene Wenger and praise the rare talent that he is and the rare talent that he so expertly nurtures?

        Whose buying?

    • No one disputing Wenger's class, Fab, certainly not me. I'm just off the phone to him and he told me that he wants Bale, but Gareth unfortunately wants to go to a big club.
      The premier's a great league although chocker block with overseas players. If he goes I'd like to see how he progresses in Spain personally. He could turn out to be our best ever export on the world stage. Maybe with a come back clause in his contract to the Lane.

    • Andy Carroll was in my local last night, a bit excited about a late move from Spurs to get him signed up. The Magpies want him back for next to nowt but you guys are making £15 million noises---what do you reckon.