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  • Sfer Sfer May 31, 2013 14:07 Flag

    Who is out?

    Did anyone else read the report about who is on the for sale list at Spurs? If its true I will be very happy. BAE, Hudd and Adebyor plus Livermore, Bentley, Gallas and Gomes. Luvly. With Sandro and Kaboul back next season plus 2 or 3 really good signings, we should have a much stronger side than this year. IMO of course!

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    • I saw that John Bostock has gone. All that hassle over signing him from Palace, and then a couple of years later he just drops off the radar.

    • Regards BAE going, I think with kABOUL RETURNING AND cAULKER improving AVB might be thinking of putting Vertonghan out on the left. Some of his best performances were from here (although he apparently prefers being in the middle. Just a thought

    • Evening fellow yids.
      Not quite sure if i would like to see BAE leave unless we get a good replacement for him, as i don't think Nuaughton is quite up to the job yet , although i'm sure he will definately improve with time Sfer.
      As for the rest you mentioned your'e pretty spot on.
      Also i would like to see Caulker maybe go out on loan as he seems to lack confidence, which imo is something you definately don't need in your back four.
      I know i've said this before but i think that Holtby and Sigg are just short of CL quality and therefore we need 1 or 2 quality midfielders(like Modders) and a proven Striker,even if it's someone like Michu, at least the guy showed desire and would certainly have converted more of the chances given to Ade than he did.
      What saddens me more is that we always have to look elsware for such talent and feel that our homegrown youngsters are left with scrapes.( how on earth are they ever gonna prove themselves ).
      Anyway, would love the job of one of AVB's assistants for a season and would quite happily do the job for FREE. ATB JEFFALL COYS

    • Wouldn't want to see BAE or Hudd leave.

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      • Ah Nick, you would have to know the story behind this to know why I would. BAE, the man who would play for anybody who paid him the most money (even if you thought it, is it right and fair on the fans to come out and say it?) and Hudd, the slowest midfielder and worst tackler in the PL. If we cant do better than them we wont be getting CL football anytime soon. IMHO of course.