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  • Desmond Desmond Jun 5, 2013 20:52 Flag

    Early buys...PLEASE!!!!!!

    Every freakin year they wait almost to the end to wrap up deals that at times fall through. What the hell is Levy waiting for? You have needs, pull the damn trigger on a deal early and give us fans a break. The added stress is not good for me.

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    • I am sure we are not the only fans frustrated with not making enough early moves BUT we do have more reason to be so. Every year we go through this but this year I would argue the need is more than before. Adebyor is just too lazy and not bothered plus he missed several easy chances last year which, had he taken them, would have seen us finish above where we did. Defoe is a natural goal scorer IMO but he cannot lead the line on his own. If ever a player needed another striker to play off, its Defoe. The problem is we wait and wait and wait to see who is available, who else is in for them, how much we can shave off the fee or how little we can get away with paying them and far more often than not, we lose out. In the end we end up either not buying when we need to (last January was classic) or we end up with a few unwanted players like Demebele and Dempsey (Unwanted by anyone else although that is subjective as I am sure Fulham didn't want to lose them and teams like QPR would have loved to get them). What we don't do is but a player that is high on our wish list and pay early at the going price. Given the very high number of midfielders on out books, and I have no idea if Paulinho is going to be great or not, did we really need to splash what money Levy is prepared to use on ANOTHER midfielder? Making chances is not our problem. Having someone on the end of those chances to put them away is. If we stay as we are with the strikers we have I really cannot see us being anywhere other than 5th to 8th come next season and even that depends on Bale having yet another storming season.

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      • Sfer, I agree in essence with what your saying, but seeing as were trying to off-load Parker- Huddlestone- Livermore, and the fact Bentley has gone and Jenas will unlikely be back at the club ( thank god ), then I think Paulinho is a good type of MF to get. I must admit I haven't seen a lot of him, and it's always a question of will he fit in, in EPL as with all players from abroad, but what I have seen is a player who looks to get in the box and has an eye for goal. apart from needing strikers, we desperately need a goalscoring mid-fielder ( hopefully in the Lampard mould ) who will score 10 or more season, so I can understand the frustration of spending that sort of money on MF when we would all rather see strikers coming in, but I'm sure it's going to happen this time, and think we would of got Villa had he not wanted to go to AC because Barca accepted a lot less than we were offering. I also agree if we stay with what were got, I cant see us getting in the first six, but when the window shuts it will be interesting to make a list of all our predictions and see if people think we have strength and quality in depth to mount a challenge on top 4 and not just judge on our starting 11.

    • Couldnt agree more , I think levy waits for late discounts like he,s booking a holiday plus he doesnt like paying a summers wages to a new signing , its in the DNA , that said he has to focus focus focus on quality and we have to have 2 new strikers , One is a cop out , I would go for Ba who is looking vulnerable at cheslea , If he,s not gonna sign a pro;lific goalscorer , then dont waste time , buying strikers is a dodgy business (like the torres nightmare ) the benefits of signing the guys early is bedding them into the style and environment , but hey ho levi is his own man and no amount of critique will get him to pull the chequebook out early !

    • Looks like they may be waiting for Baldini to arrive as the technical director.
      I'm a bit lost with Spurs as to the role of the technical director, as I thought it was meant to give stability and focus to the squad 'build' and lessen the impact of the managerial turnaround, but we seem to have had a few technical directors over the past few years. Pleat, Arnesen, Comolli - now maybe Baldini (a bit of a misnomer given how much hair he has at 52).

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      • Will technical director be the same as director of football (probably a key directorship at a football club...)? AVB's been vocal in asking for one anyway, if it's how the manager wants to work I guess we trust it; it wasn't right for 'Arry or Jol (too hard to say either way for Ramos), but he's clearly a different sort of gaffer.

        Problem is, we've not been getting as many last minute buys in the last few windows; I've been thoroughly disappointed by the last 2 or 3 D-Days.