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  • Alan H Alan H Jun 15, 2013 23:12 Flag

    Comercial Shyte.

    Alright, titter as you may. But don't you guys sometimes think, does it flash across now and then. You didn't have this multi millions shyte going on, who can we buy this week--who can take the place of him or him, he's had 3 mediocre games on the belt so he'll have to go. Plus the fact, you're paying mega bucks to watch guys who can't even speak your language. If you were in a lower league, your players all British and playing their hearts out in the hope of progression, chances are you'd have closer contact with the real game.
    Chances are, our present full and under 21's wouldn't be a constant worsening joke on the world stage, and that's my frustration rant for the evening over.
    H---Observer of the daily foreign import updates boring #$%$
    H---Hartlepool United season ticket holder, £125--just been relegated but looking forward to next season.

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    • ...and now Bale has registered his 'trademark' goal celebration 'heart' hand shape....
      I recall having a plain white long sleeved sport shirt as a kid, and getting the Spurs cockerel and having it sewn on. Wonder what the big business thought police would make of that nowadays. Transportation for life at a minimum I would reckon.

    • Ashley--Pardew--Kinnear, all we need now is a lead singer. I've got Dennis Wise on the way up, he's a gobshyte. What a load of geographical misplaced madness. Anyway, Alan Pardew can smile in secret---the contract deal he signed up to.
      H---head won't stop shaking.

    • Stolen Thread---Daily Mail

      Wondered why Joe Bernstein from Mail On Sunday bought me a pint in my local last week.
      STOP BUYING FOREIGN PLAYERS he pens out this morning. Back page Sunday Mail.