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  • Cockney Conman Cockney Conman Jun 16, 2013 13:37 Flag

    When will the govening body's step in?

    I am getting really sick now of every past and present Real Mayonaise players trying to tap up Bale.

    To make matters worse now we have Gail Platt aka (Moaning Modric) sticking his nose in as if he didn't stick the knife in enough in the way he got his transfer away from us now he is trying to get Bale to do the same thing.

    Also our national papers who are supposed to be just that are just as guilty of tapping players up from teams as anyone I have used Bale as an example but Spurs are not the only team this has happened to Suarez being tapped up to.

    How much longer is this kind of behaviour going to be allowed to carry on in football its disrepectfull to the teams and there fans and needs to be stopped.