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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Jun 20, 2013 21:14 Flag

    Fixture list

    So, any thoughts on the fixture list? Two things struck me:

    1. 3rd match seems really quick for us to be facing Arsenal (not to mention inconvenient; I've got a party that day)

    2. I know there's no such thing as an easy match, and when it's in practice I'll be terrified, but there weren't many fixtures that really worried me. Not many caught my eye as a toughie. That's certainly new, and has got to be a good thing, yeah?

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    • First thought is Levy MUST BUY TWO quality strikers weeks before the season even begins! (Fat chance of that)
      It seems a very tricky start to me. In the first 6 games we have two away trips to newcomers. Games against Swansea and Norwich whom we slipped up against last season which cost us big. And then of course the Ar$e and Chavs games which most will focus on, and who are well on the way to seriously strengthening their squads. Whereas we're still faffing about with the usual rumours and gossip! I swear we have more links each transfer window than a Google search!
      I can see Bale leaving if Levy does not show he's serious in giving THFC the boost of quality players we desperately need to keep up with the other top sides and ultimately beating them to the punch for a change!
      But then, what do I or any of us fans know?

    • If Ar$e start the season like they did last year, playing them so early might be a good thing. My main concern is the apparent lack of enthusiasm against the "small" clubs. We lost 21 points last year to clubs that finished in the bottom half of the PL, more than any other team, and 5 of those points were against Wigan. Seems to me that that is down to AVB. Its his responsibility to make sure the team is fired up EVERY game plus of course get the team selection right. Both of these things I question in terms of his ability.

    • My issue isn't with the fixtures as such - as we have to play all the teams anyway (ok, I accept that an easy start to build confidence helps) - more the way I perceived we played last season. I know the league position can't really 'lie' over nearly 40 games, but (always the but) I felt we got undeserved results and that too many players underperformed from the forwards to the backs.
      I'm not sure why I'm moaning or worried really, given that we got our highest points total - it's just something I can't put my finger on. So if AVB can sort that (whatever 'that' is!) out, I'll be happy irrespective of the order of the fixtures!