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  • Cockney Cockney Aug 5, 2013 13:58 Flag

    Soldado Signed

    Some great news in the gloomy few weeks we have had with the whole Bale situation Roberto Soldado is now a spurs player get in there fellow yidsters what a signing C.O.Y.S

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    • Strange one for me as he seems a bit old to fit Levy's usual purchase profile ('young with a sell on value' or 'old and free and the sell on value doesn't matter').
      I see as well that AVB said that Dempsey's exit was a financial move - 'to fund more activity' - given that we already have a nett spend of £30m+, it makes you wonder who else will need to go to balance the books.

      When Soldado was tentatively announced a few days back, I had hoped that that meant Bale was staying (as Soldado seems like an expensive 'old boy' if we don't get CL) - in a last season to clinch CL football again.

      Maybe Bale will stay, and they'll sell off Ade or Daffy, Parker, T'Hudd and BAE.