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  • Sfer Sfer Aug 8, 2013 14:26 Flag


    Given that we now have SO MANY midfielders, why is it that we still are seeing Huddle15stone play in the friendlies? Surely we should be playing the players that are going to play next year so that they can get used to each other. Unless, God forbid, AVB is actually going to play him!!!

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    • I think its called putting players in the shop window Sfer. Certainly the team that played in the first game of the tour was for potential buyers IMO. Then take in account the injuries and extended leave for some players, then theres very little else we could play.. I would imagine this Saturday, we will see the strongest side possible start.

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      • I can see where you are coming from John but my question is this - is seeing Huddle15stone waddle around committing fouls and giving the ball away going to encourage another team to buy him or put them off? Isn't it A)better to let them possibly remember the odd screamer he has scored way back when and B) try and get a settled side that needs to gel very quickly by playing them in these friendlies? I know what I would prefer. If we lose the first two or three games will AVB put it down to new players taking time to settle in? If so, he should have used these games to do that surely.