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  • Jlock Jlock Aug 19, 2013 15:58 Flag

    First weekend of the new season and no posts?

    3 points and the 1st away win.

    The new signings obviously need time, but I still wonder about last seasons set. Dempsey has gone, Glyphi and Dembele just seem to lack that 'spark' for me. I'd like to see Holtby play the no 10 role that Glyphi looks to be playing.

    We need a bit of a spark to give us that killer instinct, as even with all the possession in the first half, I though we still looked ponderous in that final 3rd - and the build up play seemed to me to be very slow (although I hear the new boys commented on how fast we go from defence to attack).

    Early days though - so once they get a few games under their belts as a team, I think we'll see a more fluid unit.

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    • Blimey it takes some time to find this bloody place. What happened to my shortcuts?

      Anyway quite agree Mr L. Yep , first game jitters. Hopefully we'll get it right in attack. Didnt seem like many killer passes or crosses for us. Chadli did alright.

      Is it me or does Soldaldo have a slightly wonky eye?

      Who said that!!

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      • welcome back evil bread man

      • EBM,
        I think yahoo/eurosport have tried to kill the forums - presumably they get more benefits from people posting on facebook or tweeting now. When I realised that they had got rid of the link to the forum from the Spurs page, I went down and posted Thumbs Up ratings on all the different posters I could find - so at least they got an EMail with a link back to the forum - apologies if I missed you. Where did you find a link to get back in?

        I also see that Parker has now gone...that's something like 15 English players shipped out this summer - not that being English means a good team, just that I was quite 'proud' (not sure that that is the right word) that we seemed to support English players. We must also now be very close to the 'limit' of home grown players.

        It will be interesting for me to see if/when Bale comes back, whether he acts as a provider for Soldado, or continues in the scorer role - as to me, that 'blurring' is what caused the perceived dip in form from the strikers anyway. It also raises the question of who plays the 10 - do you go with Chadli to provide the width and then play Bale as the 10 behind Soldado? If so, what does that then do for Holtby/Glyphi? Glad it's AVB's problem - personally, I'd have Bale left, Lemmon right, Soldado up front and Holtby behind (for a couple of games to see how he fits).