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  • Jlock Jlock Aug 23, 2013 08:39 Flag

    Good result....

    Good result, and a couple of good performances (I thought Capoue and Townsend looked particularly lively) - and for the first time in ages, the performance seemed to be quiet consistent over virtually the whole 90 mins.
    The threat up front still concerns me though - odd comment eh, when we've just scored 5? - but, from recollection those 5 goals came from our only 'real' attempts (Kane's header excepted). We dominated the game, but didn't seem to me, to create that much and apart from Townsend's pace (and a couple of flashes from Rose), we still seem ponderous in moving the ball in that final 3rd. Glyphi didn't work as the 10 (although limited opportunities admittedly), and I'm not sure about Dembele. Maybe Holtby? (Where is he anyway - I heard he picked up an injury playing for the U21s?).

    But all in all, a vastly more positive night.

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    • To me, Siggy is the weak link. He has no pace, little ball control, and only thing in his favour, is can get a shot off and pop in a goal. That's why we need a player like Willian who can slot in behind the striker, and deliver with quality. Looking at the game last night, the number of time's I was saying to my self, " there's the ball " which meant I could see a 20/30 yrd pass to open play, left me wondering, have we got the player's with the vision to pick out that sort of pass, or are we just going to keep it short and safe? I think In Europe, the play is more " ponderous " rather than typical English style, much as same with the national side. think years ago, it was thought we must play more " continental " when in Europe for most teams.