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  • Jlock Jlock Sep 7, 2013 09:41 Flag

    Ins and Outs

    A bit odd that Ade stayed given his total lack of pitch time. And I see that both Tom carroll and BAE have gone to QPR on loan.

    With the 7 new players coming in, I'm not sure what will happen to last years signings. We've already lost Dempsey - who, although IMHO is no great loss, did score a few. I can't then see Glyphi and Dembele getting much time given how Capoue has played and Paulinho and assuming we may have Lemmon and Chadli wide (or Lamela).
    Also not sure about the 'Home Growns' in the squad now, given all the 'British' players who went. I can see 7 true 21 English, but I'm not sure who else qualifies as HG - does Glyphi? When do thesquads get published - at the end of this month?

    What, and we lose to that Woolwich bunch, and there isn't any furore here?

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    • With Ade, Ithink its a case of doing what he does, and that's sit on his fat contract rather than go and play. I don't think siggy is good enough, as he is to slow. when he turns someone, he hasn't got the pace to get away from them and loses the ball. I can also see Eriksen taking Dembeles starting place.
      Not worth kicking up a furore over the loss to them because it was expected as the players need time to gel. Hopefully Eriksen is the missing link and will be the spark to Soldado.

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      • It just concerns me that AVB doesn't have a view of what is 'wrong' with the team and then buying players to 'fix' that problem. It seems more like a scattergun approach - just buy a lot of players and see what works. And the nett of that is that potentially, the players we bought only last season, are already appear to be surplus to requirement.
        Just seems a strange approach to me.