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  • Sfer Sfer Sep 11, 2013 16:26 Flag

    Is anybody out there?

    Is this site now a ghost site? I can't find access to it anywhere. I only stumbled across this old message and it is letting me post a new post - or so it seems!!

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    • Not sure what they're doing, but when I realised that Yahoo had dropped the links and that people may then have a problem finding the site again, I went down and 'rated' all the old posts for as many unique users as I could find - so they all hopefully got an EMail from yahoo with a link back to the forum. I tried to explain it on the thread
      README: If you have linked here from a ratings mail - bookmark this forum

      Presumably a few just ignored the thread rating mail.

    • Still checking you guys out, Sfer. The 2 Johns are stalwarts at the minute. But same as you, don't know what the fuskc Yahoo are playing at.