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  • Jlock Jlock Sep 16, 2013 13:58 Flag

    Where will the goals come from...

    Norwich - not a bad performance - and for virtually 90 minutes.
    Still a bit ponderous in the final 3rd - and I don't recall Soldado being presented with that many chances.
    Where will the goals come from this season? Will Townsend / Paulinho / Chadli / Eriksen / Lamela / Glyfi / Soldado fill the gap left by Dempsey/Bale/(Ade-Daffy)?
    So far Townsend seems to like to have a shot or two - whether then that diminishes his role as a provider - and Glyfi has obviously now scored a couple.
    Looks like it will be difficult to tell, until AVB decides on which of the players make his main 11 - as I'm still not sure, if Glyfi is going to start with Dembele and Townsend, why we bought 5 midfielders.

    Wait and see what evolves over the next few weeks I suppose.

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    • Jlock, I'm not sure your being a tad impatient here. It seems to me that now we have Eriksen threading passes behind the defenders that Soldado should soon start scoring regular. He hit the post with one clever backheel and should of scored with a header. I think Lamela is expected to score a few when he settles, and Paulinho think will reach double figures as the season goes on. At the moment, the season has been stop start, with the internationals, so the players haven't really had much time on the training ground, and it'll probably be November, December before we start to see the understanding develop to a consistant level.
      The other point about your " 5 midfielders ". I know they are classed as midfielders, but I count only Paulinho, Capoue as MF and Chadli, Lamela as wingers/widemen and Eriksen as the playmaking no 10. As things stand when all are fit, your got ...Paulinho, Capoue, Sandro, Dembele and Eriksen as any 3 from 5 to start, with 2 as cover, and out wide we have got Chadli, townsend, Lennon, Lamela so any 2 with 2 cover. As with most teams nowadays, we play with a lone striker, so obviously Soldado has been bought as the main man, and Daffy will have to be content with being back-up, and playing in the cup games. As far as Siggy and Holtby are concerned, if the new signings live up to expectations, then they will just be squad members and cup players. I would think, when all available, the starting eleven would be

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      • I'm not impatient - as I'm happy to give AVB til the end of this season to judge him and the new boys at least a couple of seasons to see how they fit.
        But football today is about results rather than performances, and although I'm happy to wait and see, I doubt that Mr Levy will be happy with spending £100M if we don't improve. And improve in that context isn't just playing prettier/better football. So that would imply to me that CL is a minimum - and that requires goals being scored.
        My concern is that time is a luxury - Wenger basically said the same - that changing squads wholesale can be a dodgy thing. And I know you don't think that buying a new midfield and forward line is a scattergun approach, but it's hardly a '...we have an issue there...let's fix that...' type approach. And now to find what 'blends' and works may take time as there are a fair few combinations.
        Hopefully, AVB will find the blend in the next few games - and the goals will come from across the team.

      • Personally, I have no idea what selection will ultimately be successful as I have not seen enough of the new players to call it - probably the same as AVB. We know they are good players but that does not mean they will "gel" (I hate that word but....) so we will have to wait and see. The point is - we now have choices whereas last season we didn't. Walker worries me. His positional play when defending is very questionable. Rose is not quite good enough IMO, but apart from that my only worry is AVB. His tactics and team selection are not always inspiring although I am basing that on the "old" squad so I am willing to see what he does now that we have some class players to choose from. If Erikson plays more up alongside Soldado then fine but if we are going to play with one striker we are reliant on the midfielders/wingers getting in the box and we have struggled with that in the past. Time will tell.......