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  • Sfer Sfer Sep 17, 2013 14:11 Flag

    Hudd and BAE...dreams do come true!

    Well, I had to say something in the end didn't I!! Hudd is waddling around for Hull proving that he was never good enough. BAE has gone and I don't really care where. Tom Carroll might - but its a big MIGHT - come back a better player. So, all in all, I could not have asked for a better January. We have a bigger, better squad with cover in almost every position. All that needs to happen now is for the new players to gel with everybody and AVB to pick the right team and play the right tactics - where could it possibly go wrong!!

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    • Do you not think we're looking light at right back (with Walker and Naughton) and left back (with Rose and Vertigo at a push) and up front with Soldado and Daffy (on the assumption - maybe false - that Ade has already played his last game) - both of whom are also getting on.
      Hence my comment re the scattergun. A blanket overhaul of midfield, but no specific fix of certain areas.

      I think my perception is that either AVB doesn't even believe in himself, or the purchases last season weren't his. We have hardly seen Holtby in a Spurs shirt. Dempsey came and went (even though he did score a dozen or so). Glyfi - looks like he may get a game, but then who doesn't play - and Dembele...?

      So we spend the Modric/VDV money overhauling midfield - lose two and bring in 3 - and the next season lose another 3 MFs and buy in 5 - and at the same potentially sideline the players only bought the season before. It just doesn't seem 'planned' to me.

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      • Its only a scattergun approach if AVB does not have a plan. I agree, as I have said before, I worry about Walker - his defending is not good sometimes - Naughton is not good enough (yet), Rose is not the best LB in the PL by some way and LB is not Verthongen's best position for us. But at least we now have cover and players that want to play for Spurs.

        Assuming Adebyor has played his last game for Spurs (unless we end up with our own version of Bentner) , we are still light up front. Personally, I don't like playing with only one striker but I don't know whether AVB's plan is to play Erikson more alongside Soldado or not. As I have said before, playing with two permanent wide players can leave gaps in midfield and unless they are told to get in the box when play is coming down the other flank, we are short in the box which is a curse of ours - or has been.

        What I do know, IMO obviously, is that we have a bigger, better squad than ever before. Now its down to AVB and as far as I am concerned, the jury is still out on that one.