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  • john john Sep 23, 2013 13:41 Flag

    Huff and Puff and I'll blow your house down

    Well, at least we were persistant, and got rewarded at the end, but in a game like that, we could just as well of lost it. When the defense has so little to do, it requires a bit of common sense, so im not sure what sort of game Daws thought he was playing in, but at times he was at best, reckless, and Hugo, well I don't think he knew the game had started with his first half display. I still think Siggy is a weak link. While dangerous in and around area, he seems to fade from games, and his ball retension is not very good, and lack off pace obvious. I like Dembele, but again I wonder about his stamina. Very good in first halves, then seems to me he fades from game. All in all, I was happy with our play going forward and thought there was good link up all round.

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    • Can't argue with any of that John. Hugo is a great keeper but he took some big risks which on another day could have cost us badly. Someone, and when I find out who it was I will be having words, told Dawson he could play football. He can tackle, and he can head the ball, and he can pass the ball as long as its no more than 20 yards but apart from that he should stick to what he is good at. Siggy IS too slow to be a great player and he does give the ball away too easily BUT he has also been very influential so far. Dembele looks unfit but has always looked like that. He has had plenty of chances to prove he can produce and so far he hasn't. We have plenty of midfield options so I would not be upset if someone else got a chance. The only thing that worries me is the same as always - we just don't kill teams off. Of course we should beat the likes of Cardiff but when we play top 4 teams we just don't seem to have that self belief that we can win. Man U have got that belief (well they did) that they will score and win and that has served them very well over the years. I am just hoping that all the new players, that have not caught that lack of confidence thing, bring a sense of optimism with them that spreads throughout the club and they just go out to win without any fear.