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  • Sfer Sfer Oct 23, 2013 13:21 Flag

    Ar$e and the CL

    I know I have to be careful because Ar$e are having so much luck in the PL at the moment BUT I can't help smiling after the 1-2 loss last night. There is nothing more satisfying that seeing that smug look on Whingers face being replaced by one of faux disgust. Jumping up and down wearing that stupid caterpillar coat making "angry" look like "slightly miffed". I didn't like Fergie but I respected his record whereas Whinger has not got anything to be proud of really has he but he thinks he is special. The look on the Ar$e spectators faces was priceless! - "oh no, here we go again, sob sob - another trophyless season". Love it.

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    • Wenger has 'nothing to be proud of'....OK Sfer, take the blinkers off.
      Arsenal may have lost to a late sucker punch on Tuesday but that was against last years CL finalists. As for the look on the 'Ar$e spectators faces'....we're in the CL, again. Enough said?

      Love it!

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      • tbf #$%$ are going well in the prem so far but im not looking at them all im thinking about and have my focus on is us qualifying for the champions league.
        Everyone keeps saying Spurs are contenders that is the biggest load of rubbish i have ever heard lets just worry about getting in the champs league next season and then build from there