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    AVB - Sense and sensibility

    Before I start, I admit that I am still not convinced by AVB, so my comments are biased.

    I really think that AVB is walking a dodgy line by having a go at the fans. I am still quite happy to give the man at least til the end of the season, but so far, the football we have been playing (IMHO) since he took over has been somewhat lacking for me. I can't deny that he's been getting results, but I'm not sure that simply getting results is what 'fans' in general are after. We seem slow in moving the ball and lacking in movement - loads of possession (which you'd expect with quality players) - but a lack of focus.
    I also know that a lot of the playing staff has changed and players take time to settle, but I had hoped that by now we would have been playing with a bit more flair and panache - even with just using the 'old' players.

    What also concerns me is that I thought this season, with the changes at Chelsea, City and Utd - and with Pool and the Woolwich bunch still not quite the finished article, that we could have steadily improved and pushed on - and had that chance as the other 'top' teams were also in transition. But then we go out and spend stupid money on a whole raft of players, which then gives AVB the issue of working out his best 11 - which has the inevitable impact of slowing down the development of a particular 'style' (do you play Townsend or Lamela, Holtby or Eriksen, Sandro or Dembele, Lemmon or Chadli, Capoue or...which centre back pairing? Who at left back? Do we need Rose and Walker for the style to gel?......match any 10 issues from 100 combinations).

    I still don't think that spending the Bale cash on a raft of players was sensible without having a target plan. I personally prefer the 'see an issue and fix' type approach.

    I will end by then saying though, that I am also not certain that AVB is the problem - I am still at a loss as to who is the person who sources and buys the players - was it a Levy/Baldninny thing to spend the money - and was

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    • Common sense and sensibility would surely say get behind the guy, John, and see how his season pans out. Vocal support at the Lane is a must, plus the fact you guys aren't doing too badly at the minute.
      H---Talking of support, where's the squad on here gone, used to one od the best.

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      • H,
        I'm not sure that the fans are/were anything but behind HIM (in general), but fans sing when (what) they want, when they want. They tend to try to lift the team when they're down and sing from 'joy' when winning. The problem with Spurs is that we're doing 'well' in way of points and places - so there's no singing required to lift the team to win per se - and the football just isn't (IMHO) of a style to get them singing from joy - a no man's land. So it's a two way street - if AVB wants the fans to sing, then the style has to give them something to sing about. Be amusing to hear what songs are sung tonight.
        Irrespective of what some pundits think, football as a spectator sport IS about entertainment - the players are paid like film stars. It's only the clubs who make money out of the punters who want to keep the '....its not about entertainment....its about loyalty....its in the blood....' bit alive - at it's in their interest. If George Clooney turned out boring performance after boring performance, would theatres still be packed with people watching and believing the Studio line of '.....its not about entertainment....its about loyalty... George is an icon...he's in your blood....'. Football for years has relied upon the Emperors new clothes stopping the fans from seeing that what they're presented with 50% of the time is absolute dross.

        The last paragraph was tongue in cheek - but I take my lead from Danny Blanchflower:
        "The great fallacy is that the game is first and last about winning. It’s nothing of the kind. The game is about glory. It is about doing things in style, with a flourish, about going out and beating the other lot, not waiting for them to die of boredom.”

        ...and remind me again what our motto is: Audere est Facere? - which if my schoolboy latin doesn't fail me means Audi's are made...

    • Call me a cynic, but the '...the fans made all the difference....' comment seemed more like a man either told that the fans are the ones who pay his wages or a man trying to deflect attention away from a £99billion team only winning on penalties (and the odd one at that) against a team who cost just south of two bob.
      And if it takes a crowd of 36,000 to make that difference, I hate to think what is required for us ever to beat a team by more than two at home.