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    Team formation, wingers and the lack of chances

    Soldado looks fed up and who can blame him. We are currently playing with two wingers - no problem with that per se, but we have a right footed winger playing on the left and a left footed winger playing on the right. This is ok for the odd occasion that they cut inside (as Townsend does regularly) and has a shot (Lennon does this quite rarely) but when the full back shows them down the line there is no end result i.e. a cross because they don't feel comfortable kicking the ball with the wrong foot, or, if they do attempt it, it is not usually a quality cross anyway. This results in them cutting back and playing a short pass back or inside.

    The cycle then begins again with us trying to force a move through the middle in a congested area full of midfielders and centre backs. One of our great successes last year was our ability to break with speed, get a cross in and score. Now, we are not breaking as quickly with wingers who are trying almost every time to come inside and shoot - a skill which, unlike Bale, they are struggling with.

    AVB is sticking with the lone striker which means we usually only have one striker in the box at any one time. If the system is right and working, this is fine but with the wingers on the wrong wings no crosses are coming in and no chances created. This cannot go on forever. Our lack of chances and consequent lack of goals will cost us time and time again.

    AVB has to decide what he wants - two wrong sided wingers, a low chance created record and a fingers crossed high conversion rate and one frustrated striker OR one winger swapping sides, two wingers playing on their stronger foot, two strikers in the box with one midfielder being sacrificed.

    One thing is shining out loud and clear - to me anyway - the current formation and system is not working.

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    • Not sure that it's that different from last season - just that Bale was more accurate when shooting so masked the lack of provision to the 'strikers' by scoring himself. The assists have dropped from the midfielders, and I think AVB sees midfield as the main provision of goals. Not a bad idea - spread the goals - but I'm not sure where that leaves strikers like Soldado/Daffy. I saw an article recently expressing just this - that for this to work, a different type of striker is required who can create their own chances more and work back into midfield.

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      • Well if anybody wanted an example of what I was saying, then last night was it. Left footed Lamala on the right wing cutting in every single time. Walker going past him but not getting one single cross in. And even if he did there was lonely little Defoe with at least 4 big defenders around him. Even the commentators were talking about it. It was even worse on the left with right footed Naughton and Sigurdson not getting to the by line once. We were squashed into the middle, with all the relevant opposition markers, like pigs in a pen. They were a poor side and we made them look as good as us. Something has to change but unfortunately I am not sure the super arrogant AVB will even contemplate that he might be wrong about his team selection and tactics. Dembele was a waste of space giving the ball away more than any other players on the park. Erikson was not much better. But is that their fault? They got the ball looked up to try and find a forward pass only to see little Defoe surrounded by defenders so they had no choice but to hit a short sideways/backwards pass OR give it to a winger only to find them running back inside straight at them. At one point 3 of our players bumped into each other!! Shocking!