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    Fleet, Townsend, Counterfeiting and other non related topis

    I see Spurs are 'doing' Fleet for using a Cockerel as the main part of their logo. I suppose that is semi understandable in a way, but it does seem a bit like a speed camera to me. Target the easy target. I wonder how many swaet shops are in operation in Asia where actual 'real' counterfeit products are being created (I won't say to deceive as from what I've seen of such counterfeits - Live Stress jeans for instance - they are more a tourist 'must have' - like a Spanish donkey). So is it sensible to go after a local club just to prove a point - and is '... If we do not take action to stop Fleet Spurs using our cockerel logo, it can undermine our ability to stop other unauthorised people who use our logo for commercial purposes, such as counterfeiters. ..." this really the case? Any court cases pending in Asia? - or are we too busy trying to create Asian support to risk taking a manufacturer there to court? Cynical? Moi?

    Townsend. I like wingers. I like that style of play where a team stretches the opponent - opening gaps, scaring FBs - getting the ball into dangerous areas in the box. Acting as providers - as well as scoring the odd one or two. But I read from an article on Andros that he thinks scoring (and providing) more will make him indispensable. Only if that means he is playing 'well'. Just being a scorer or a provider isn't the be all and end all IMHO. Knowing what to do and when to do it to me identifies the good players from the average. Knowing what to do, when to do it, and having the ability to achieve it 90% of the time, separates the good from the great players. I think the legacy of Bale has a lot to do with this and maybe, just maybe the way AVB wants us to play. Just because we're lacking goals at the moment, cutting inside and having a dozen shots a game just isn't being a 'good' let alone great player. Bale was going the same way. I think I recall that he was having the most attempts in virtually every game - ....contd

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    • I think seeing as FleetSpurs are a tribute club to Spurs, we are being a bit OTT on this. If I stuck a BMW badge on a Ford, do you think people would be fooled?

    • ....contd...
      But isn't that the reason that our strikers for the past couple of seasons have had a poor return? The providers no longer see it as their prime role to provide. Maybe again, AVB is happy with that and wants to then spread the goals across the front 4. Makes it hard then to blame Daffy or Soldado or Ade or Kane or whoever is then playing up front for not scoring though.

      ...back to counterfeit - when I was kid, I am almost certain you could buy club badges and append then to 'stuff'. I had a while long sleeved shirt with such a badge stitched on. I thought I looked the bees knees - especially with my Puma Tottenham boots. Couldn't play football for toffee though. Did make our school 3rd XI once and played Ardingly College.

      Memories eh? I'm sure as I get older I make more of them up....