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    AVB gone - but is it right?

    I was no great believer in him, but as it stands we could have achived 30+ points by mid-way and may, just may have got to 4th. Now, we'll have the new manager restructuring - and what then of £100m spent in the summer?

    And if the rumours of Andy Capp or Maddonna or ... are true, I'm not sure where it will leave us anyway.

    But should AVB bear all the blame? Surely, given the managers we've gone through in the past few years, questions have got to be asked of the board - as whether AVB was good bad or indifferent, the board have appointed (and sacked) a fair few mediocre managers.

    If Baldninni then did make the purchases in the summer (with Levy) - then unless AVB specifically requested those players, surely the wisdom of the purchases also has to be questioned?

    Bit of a balls up though - as just when I thought we were looking like a top 4 'consistent' team, we'll be taking another step back.

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    • I don't want to post an essay on the pros and cons of AVB..LEVY as most have pointed out many reasonable arguments that can be considered, but without coming up with a definitive answer, so my main thrust of anger is aimed at the players for that performance against Liverpool. Regardless of whether the manager had loss the dressing room, whether the players agreed with his system or team choice, theres no excuse for a total lack of professional pride to give their all and put up a fight even in defeat. Not a single player came out of that game with any credit and as a fan for many years, that hurts more than any defeat. Liverpool fans will now be believing that they are going to win the league based on their dominance on Sunday, but they should be cautious in their excitement as they didn't have any competitive opposition against them and made them look a lot better than they really are, ( apart from Suarez of course ).

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      Here we go again, the magnets come out to find any guy who speaks broken English because it's the fashion. Get back to reality, Spurs. When Arry stops chuckling he'll have a tear in his eye. An Arry and Hoddle combination could be a gamble but a home grown one. It would be a brave move by Levy but would certainly get you guys talking and smiling.

    • Yes it was bloody well right. Yes levy and the Board should also take some blame but it was AVB that picked the team, played players out of position, went with one small striker, played wingers on the wrong wings, made bizarre substitutions, kept switching the players so often they didn't know if they were coming or going, didn't buy support defenders when we had the chance, instead buying more and more midfielders and wingers. He thought 20 off target shots from outside the box was a good statistic. Hardly any crosses (because the wingers were cutting back on their preferred foot) and even if they had crossed, there was hardly anyone in the box anyway. AVB took a team which was looking good, attacking quickly on the break, and turned them into a team that looked completely lost. There is never a good time to replace a manager but the £100 mill has given us a strong squad - it just needs a manager that can make the most of it and AVB was never that. He is too smug, arrogant and full of himself. I have said from the start that he always looked like he knew a secret that nobody else knew about how to play football....well, if he does, he certainly missed a golden opportunity to prove it didn't he.

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      • I posted this before, but Yahoo has a smart editor and decided not to publish it.
        Although I dislike AVB and his 'style', he still has the best win percentage of virtually all the managers we've had. And irrespective of the two big losses, he has still got us to a reasonable points total - and achieved the highest in the club's history in the previous season. Could he have turned the 2nd half of the season and actually achieved 4th? Not sure, but giving any manager a season and a bit, IMO just isn't enough to see what they can do. Levy made the gamble when he sacked 'arry and appointed AVB - it does not say much for his and the board's decision making to have had so many managers anyway - and to then not stand by the latest decision that he made. He was under no pressure to sack 'arry.
        Personally, I don't think AVB would have turned it around - but my crystal ball is no clearer than anyone else's - and to me the man should have at least been given the chance.

      • I bet 'arry is having a little titter to himself.