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  • Sfer Sfer Dec 18, 2013 16:32 Flag

    AVB and his success

    Ok, so some think AVB was not that bad and that he should have been given more time. If that is the case how about some of those people actually telling the rest of us a few facts about what AVB actually did right?

    Apart from SOMETIMES playing players in their proper position (something which he probably got right by mistake) what else did he do? Did he play fast attractive attacking football? Did he get enough players in the box when we attacked? Did he play a sweeper behind his high defensive line to avoid getting caught on the break? Did he play right footed wingers on the right or left footed wingers on the left? Did he make sensible substitutions at the right time? Did he play the same players regularly in order that they get used to each other and feel confident? Did he accept the blame when things went wrong or did he blame the fans and hint that the club had bought players he didn't want? Did he buy enough cover at left back when everybody was talking about the need to do exactly that? Did he manage to get the players motivated to play for him and the club? Did he relegate Freund as soon as the heat started as a way of deflecting any blame from himself? Did he take some time to see what he had before trying to sell the Club captain and then putting him back in the side? Did he adopt the trendy lone striker formation because we had a striker that was used to playing on his own or because he just thought it was fashionable in Spain?

    C'mon, I am dying to know what this tactical genius actually got right. Apart of course from negotiating a very handsome leaving present.

    He must be the first manager of a PL team to actually moan about the fact that his club was buying so many highly rated players from around Europe. I didn't hear him saying publicly "please stop buying all of these multi million pound players" when they were coming through the door faster that the post. I DID hear him moan about the fact that we missed out on Willian - strange that.

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