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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Jan 2, 2014 22:00 Flag

    Timmy Sherwood

    Well, it's been an eventful few months!

    Thoughts on the new gaffer anyone? I really don't know what to think; not convinced by him but almost get the feeling they're 'playing him dumb' - quite a naive gung ho attitude to appease the fans, and stuff like making sure spectators are thanked after matches etc seems childishly pointed. On the flip side, it's been bloody entertaining!

    I don't expect him to be in post long term, and don't think there was a 'plan' to put him in charge, but I hope to enjoy it while lasts!

    Happy new year, Christmas, hannukah, and everything else to you all.

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    • End of the honeymoon period?

    • NBR,
      Happy New Year to you.
      I think he's been better than I thought he would in interviews - and I liked his post match views after the Utd game.
      I just hope that the board give him the time they failed to give AVB or else no one will ever know what these managers are actually capable of and we'll just end up with a new manager being catapulted round the merry go round each year - like satellites using planetary gravity to accelerate out of the solar system - pulled in by the attraction of Spurs, and spat out faster than they can adjust their gas assisted chairs.