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    vile o - BIRMINGHAM CITY 3


    Well this is it,welcome to the championship for arse on vile the only darby they will be playing is wolves.
    the points are going to come to birmingham city now were starting to move up up up up.lets give to blues our support this sunday and show everybody that we are the pride of the midlands unlike that scum down the road.................
    .....keep right on till the end of the road....
    .....and the vile can keep going till the end of that road and end up a cockney team,not welcome in birmingham and to have them share a birmingham post code is a bigger insult to the city of birmingham so i think the vile post code should be wan kers........how does that sound blues fans sounds good to me.ha ha ha ha ha ha

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    • My my you are an angry little boy aren't you. 7 wins all season now you need to win 3 out of 5 to stand any chance of staying up. A little bit of optimism never hurt anyone now did it. Now you hang onto that while you are watching Brentford on a cold Tuesday night in an empty St Andrews. You can keep yourselves warm singing songs about coming back up, winning the cup and kicking whatever out of Villa. Never quite happens does it, I'll miss the Derbies but the last day looks of all the Blue mongrels crying on Sky will be worth it all. Small heath = Small time.

    • byeeeeeeeeee byeeeeeeeeeee blue noses...back to where you belong, fighting relegation is your cup final but you'll be in good company with the baggies holding your hands as you both sink in to the cesspool of the championship.
      See you in another 20 years!