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  • So Blackburn want to sign Heskey?
    I can't make my mind up about Heskey. Apparently, if he could transfer the good work he does in training onto the pitch, he'd be brilliant - but is he really committed to Blues?
    As for selling him, if Blackburn are the only club sniffing around, I'd soon tell Mark Hughes and his brown-nosed stooge Robbie Savage to piss off after the attitude they took last season!
    OR - we could agree to sell him and hope he proves as much of a jinx to them next season as he seemed to do to us last season. Now there's a satisfying thought.

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    • Heskey Thank God the jumping goat has gone!
      I dont know what happened to him last season He could never play with his feet or head...
      the passes which Jermain did get in u could bet on it that Heskey was gonna do a blunder...
      Goodluck Heskey glad to c that 1 shipped out...
      and dont know y bruce insists He is irreplacable??
      should av kept the horse cus the goat was no good..
      Dont understand y Blues strikers end up falling over like Bambi on ice?
      the best news to come from Blues is that we have got a top trainer :D
      so blues r raring to go... the biggest mistake bruce made last season was getting rid of Clinton Morrison He made all the assists and the good runs to take away defenders the other strikers were kak last season...
      I think Steve Bruce should see Anthony Robbins ten we would have a gr8 motivated Blues team...
      keep right on!

    • dude hesky gone but i h8 robbie savage he i8s such a twit plus i loveeee pennant liverpool ent gttin him

    • Ha Heskey with wigan he was shit for liverpool fc anyways everytime everton played a merseyside derby and heskey was in the team he kept falling over birmingham fans urz should be happy urz got rid of heskey hes shit and useless ha what a load of shit is heskey.