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  • Villaman Villaman Jul 10, 2006 23:47 Flag

    Make your own David Dunn

    Take two well stuffed cushions,
    Cellotape them together.
    Take another less filled cushion and cellotape it to the top.
    Paint some hair and a cheeky smile onto the top cushion.
    Cover the bottom two cushions in a royal blue shirt.
    Pay it about forty grand a week.
    Stand it on the halfway line for around 10 minutes every 3 months.
    It will not move unless the wind blows it over.
    After the 10 minutes are up declare it injured. Substitute it but continue to pay it and never forget that you always lose when it does not play.
    There your own David Dunn it complete and I'm sure you will agree it is almost indistinguishable from the real thing.!!!
    Chant it's name regularly to make it feel loved and you will have a pet for life.

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