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  • maggie maggie Oct 1, 2006 02:29 Flag


    do you still want him for your manager ? some are calling for his head, lets face it his head could supply a few Chippy`s....wheres Worcesterlulu gone ? oh back to HMP ????

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    • I know we are linked with Koumas,as are a few other Prem clubs so fingers crossed.I like to think i am a bit of a Robin Hood kind of guy...I don't wind up the ones that don't deserve it!I also feel a responsibility to put peoples mis-guided views right,such as all those who thought Fowler was a GOD and Owen is still the player he was.Trouble is,it tends to put a few noses out of joint (not blue ones).....well,not yet anyway.Maybe when the season starts i won't be able to control my typing finger!!

    • Cheers Roy, but toca2kuk is not on his own, both teams have these childish idiots who's sense of humour is lost on me. Its not as though these stupid posts encourage discussion, they are just put up for the sake of saying something. I don't include Zulu in that either, I enjoy Andy's sense of humour and his posts always gets a response from someone equally as humourous, or tongue in cheek response. I know others don't like him but thats life.

      Yea I saw the racist thing on the Liverpool board last night and you were AS usual giving it back. Is there anyones board you don't antagonise the locals on? Good replies too. Luckily we dont get too much of that here in the civilised world of the West Midlands.

      See Villa are in for a certain high profile baggies player Koumas. He reminds me of Gordan Cowans alot. Good buy if it happens.

    • My apologies for this tosser toca2kuk.He does not represent the intellegent Villa fans.Following on from a thread about immigrants on the Liverpool board,i would like to add the criminally brain dead to those that should be expelled from britain,then we could see the back of racists and toca toss pot.There's wind ups and there's people that give a club a bad name.

    • Quiet little boy or I'll let Zulu loose on you.
      by the way are you the pathetic son of MrBates?

    • oh yeah another thing to add you fianly had one chance in winning somert for the 1st time in you history and you lose so you couldnt even win the championship hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • hahaha is that the best you can come up with mate, at the end of the day we got nothing to prove to you blue nose scum, and to put and end to the pride of the midlands situation we all clearly know who is the pride of the midlands (ASTON VILLA FC) cause we have won alot more than any other team has in the midlands beside it dosnt take alot to beat the blues as they have never won fu ck all, so go back to your pig sheds dream of winning somert for once, oh yeah we may have drawn alot of games but atleast we sent you down two seasons ago so were doing better than you

    • Do all idiots live in Worcester, or is Worcester just full of Idiots??

    • STUNNING....D'you mean the days of HERRIOT. MARTIN, GREEN, WYLIE, FOSTER, BEARD, BRIDGES VINCENT, PICKERING, VOWDEN, SUMMERILL sub. LEGGATT Manager Stan CULLIS?. Yea, I remember them well too and I didnt live in Worcester so I can't quite get the connection. I also went to school with Gill MERRICKS son Neil, (Light Hall) and played regularly against John DEEHAN your ex-forward when he was at Bishop Clancey School in Solihull. My point is that you should support your local team, not choose one of convienience that happens to be doing well at the time, like most of Manchester United supporters from all over the country. Those are mercenaries like Worcester based Villa supporters.

    • blues supporters can live in Worcester , I know one who stood at St Andrews for 20 years or more, don,t know how old the complainer is but the fan I know was there in the days of Jim Herriott and probably Gil Merrick as well .

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