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  • Villaman Villaman Nov 17, 2006 01:01 Flag

    Another rat leaving? We don't want him.

    Seems Upson wants to leave and join Villa, I can see why but we dont want any injury prone fudge packers thanks. You can keep him.

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    • I'm glad to see that dear old 'Matty' has finally found himself a bigger club !!

    • do you remember when melburg said he would never play or blues? what a knob, we would never sign him he was crap.

    • can't see what the problem is, villa is full of rats anyway alway's has been, and alway's will be.you deserve Upson he's not that good he will fit in nice in your defence.

    • we dont want your crocked cast-offs thank you...you only want to sell him for the money, we have plenty of that and will spend in January on some GOOD players not that flippin Botty-boy.

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      • funny...upon second inspection this is not the villa message board....so what sad lives you've got to come onto the birmingham forums. Nothing going on over your own end? Or is the talk on football over there like talking to a tone deaf, half blind, retarded monkey like it is with all villa fans?

        Heres something for you to tuck your head between your legs and go back to talk about. O'Neil is a good manager, and he's done good things at Villa already....but all the villa fans I know believe that he is the "savior" and will straighten things out for them. Well what happens when it doesn't? What's going to happen when Villa fans once again place too much expectation on the manager? Are you guys going to turn start booing the players, flooding radio stations and whining? Your not a chelsea, your not a man united, your not arsenal and your not liverpool. You are years off becoming a top 4 team, you are not even a tottenham nor a Bolton Wanderers. Yet I hear these villa fans going on and on saying how they are going to be finishing top 6 this year, and top 4 next year. Come on guys, be real about yourself and don't end up like Wolves have done. Villa are nothing more than a mid table team at best at the moment and if I was a betting man i'd bet my weeks wages that villa won't qualify for europe next season unless you break the bank bring in some players and amazingly get them to click right away, then you might be in with a chance. But Milan Baros? Angel? Chris Sutton? Sorry guys those aren't exactly players that can carry you past the qualifiying stages of the Uefa Cup.

        Sutton! Theres another one or did you forget which scum he played for last season and who released him? Your there bitching and moaning about Upson that some of you don't want him but you guys took Sutton on a free didn't you, you cheap gits =D

        What happened when Birmingham kept beating you? When they got the double of you? You all kept quiet then didn't you? But no no....villa fans, only sing when there winning and when things are in there favour. That's more true about the villa than any other team in the country (bury not included).

        All in all, Birmingham haven't thrown the ball in there own net recently.

    • Poor bloke wants to play in the premiership not a sinkingship!!