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    The History of Birmingham City 'Football' Club

    BCFC have never won a major trophy!!

    BCFC have NEVER, EVER won a major trophy!!!!

    How long have you bloosers (see what I did there?!) been around? When are you going to give up?

    You have now resorted to stealing the mighty AVFC's awsome and splenderous footballing history, which rivals that of the top clubs in the country - 16 or so major trophies.

    You idiots, poorly organised, can't ever produce a poxy diary without resorting to stealing our History.

    Best quote ever when the news reporter was informing us of your mistake: "BCFC printed AVFC's considerable footballing achievements in their club diary.....wishful thinking as blues have never won a major trophy!"

    Oh yes. You pathetic losers.

    Bye bye.

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    • "have birmingham city football club ever won a trophy, and we ALL know the answer to that don't we."

      Yes, idiot. We do know the answer to that. And it's yes.
      We beat you in the final of the league cup.
      Can't you villa fans get that into your heads?

    • the only thing better at st andrews than villa park is the club anthem keep right on do villa have one?

    • i find it very funny how the blue nose tosser think there better than the almighty AVFC never won anything never will aslong as they have the hooker ther and you know who im talking about up the villa
      villa villa villa villa villa villa villa villa

      dont let the championship go to your head
      its a crap lge plus i suppose u need the money

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      • yes it was a long time ago. but any vile fan out there remember 1963?? oh yes it was the league cup final, oh and yes the blues DID win. and yes they DID beat you. funny that is. havent you lot only won the league cup in recent years? so, what your saying is that you havent won a major cup for 25 years. it does get boring when all you here from the whiney little vile fans is 'well we the won the european cup in 1982'!!! pull you head out your ar**es and face facts - your no better than we are. us lot know we arent the best team in the world, whereas you suufer with delusions of grandure and actually think you are a great footballing team!

        KRO SOTV

    • forgive me for being thick, but a decade is 10years. and a few is more than a couple, so in the last FEW DECADES our club has been champions of england, champions of europe, euro super cup winners, league cup winners twice. oh and macdonalds island. FUCK ALL REALLY

    • Birmingham City were formed as Small Heath Alliance in 1875 and have always battled it out with rivals Aston Villa for supremacy in the city. The glory years of the early 1960s, which saw successive Fairs Cup finals against European giants Barcelona and Roma and League Cup success brought the club and their fans much attention. They were in England's third tier for the first time in their history by 1989, but that had a galvanising effect on the Blues and served to renew interest in the team. Former St Andrews favourite Trevor Francis did his utmost to take Birmingham into the FA Premier League, only to be thwarted three times in the play-offs with defeats to Watford, Barnsley and Preston. But with Steve Bruce at the helm, the Blues finally secured their place in the top flight with a penalty shoot-out victory over Norwich City in the First Division play-off final in May 2002.
      okay we may have won only 1 trophy comapred to your 20 but if you look at the last few decades you have Dunn just as much as David if you catch my drift..
      you were in danger of becoming a team fighting for the scraps of Long Shanks table.
      truly you have just been mediocre nearly relegated and lost your reputation very bruised (Claret n Blue) lets just hope 4ur sakes that MON is the MON..
      good luck SWP would be an excellent signing if u get him..
      cu next season DOLL ;)

      Keep Right On!


    • You forgot to mention the bit where Blues kicked your arse in the 1963 League cup finals(over two legs) funny how you Villa scumbags forget to mention this. I wonder why? Because if you had to admit that actually Blues HAVE won a major trophey, then you would have to admit that it was your sorry arses that got kicked in the final! PMSL

    • Birmingham City have won a major trophy. They won the League cup in 1963, and the reason you Villa scum never mention this is because they beat you shower of shite in the final! How convenient for you Vile scabs to forget this and try to pretend it never happened! Look it up. The final was over two legs, a 0-0 draw at Vile Park and then the Blues kicked your sorry arses 3-1 at St. Andrews! Keep right on! PMSL !!!

    • well done absolutevillan. u no how to wake these donuts up haha get on the tannoy down st julieandrews, u might get some noise out of em

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      • Are you Vile fans all so blind or is it just the ones that come onto this board. You chat bs about us needing to wake up and say how great your team are but if you look at both teams last results, you vile lot need to wake up.
        First up

        Aston Villa (self proclaimed great team) 2- 0 Watford (propping up the premiership and struggling).
        A win that was more because of luck then anything and you vile fans were relieved you got the points and watford will be gutted that they couldn't hold on for bit longer.

        2nd up

        Birmingham City (the better team) 5 - 1 Newcastle who are actually in a higher position then the vile and no offence to Newcastle but they didn't stand much of a chance with how well we were playing just like any other team when we are playing to our best especially the villa.

        So quit with these BS claims that you such a great club, your not and the sooner you realise that Villa are not that great then maybe you will learn a thing or two, the mention of Liverpool's and Man united history was a bit like shooting yourself in the foot because they make you lot over at villa look pathetic.

    • Surprise,Surprise!!!!!

      Blah, Blah Blah,,,,, same old sh!te....

      History is what it is and so is the present. YES we might be in the championship enjoying wins left right and centre and YES we might be still in the FA CUP and playing well... but atleast the prospects ahead are promising for us!!!!!

      I see that you whinging Bell holt endERS ... (see what i did there??!) are enjoying another fruitfull season of avoiding the drop.... same old , same old......

      give us another song instead of that constant pre-puberty whine of Villa,villa,villa.......

      oh yes heres some canesten i got from your missus you irritating tw@t !!!!

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      • I did see what you did there, and it was lame. Bloosers is much better I'm afraid.

        History is important - if you had any, you would realise that. Ask Man U, Liverpool etc what their history means to them and how proud they are of it, if you dont take a Villa fans' word for it.

        At least we managed to avoid the drop - thanks for the six points last season.

        Not only have you NEVER won a major trophy (what have you been doing all these years for god's sake?!), you are the ONLY major city club in the UK that has NEVER WON A TROPHY. That isolates you in your own league of shame - on your own, without slverware. Every other major city club has won trophies, EXCEPT YOU! WHY IS THAT?

        I actually want you guys to come up for the sake of football in the West Mids, although I must confess, WBA, Wolves, Coventry etc would be preferable. The reason being is that you noses are so full of hot air, with no achievements to shout about, and there is an obvious bitter jealousy there - chill out! You have NEVER won anything, yet you brag A LOT! What the hell have you got to brag about? Spending 16 straight years in Division 1? You do realise we didn't even really see you as rivals before you came up (and went back down)? You were just the crap Brum team.

        Just chill out guys, accept you are the lesser club, and start supporting your team by GOING TO MATCHES, so maybe we can have a genuine local rival that will actually contend for honours.............

        By the way, it makes me so happy that I irritate you blooser!


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