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  • sarfraz h sarfraz h Jan 12, 2007 22:31 Flag

    The History of Birmingham City 'Football' Club

    hello teacher u couldnt spell my name so whats ur claim to stardom?
    when the blue noses fire thier torpedos ;) with their energetic bodies they can all ways SOTV :P
    we can even change ur beliefs!
    let alone do miracles :)
    and if u didn't notice OO it was some scum from B6 that came into the conversation..
    seems you guys still wanna prove your superiority??
    just cus ur in the premier league doesn't mean we can't shit on u.
    so take that theory Einstein.
    and didnt anyone ever tell u shit floats :D
    haha cheer up son u might win a game in january :D
    keep right on..