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  • Below is a direct quote from the kippawippasnappa..........

    "Anybody who bothered to look at our posts would see that we are different people but then your only aim was to stir the $%^& Kovansdad!

    I have an extra ID, i admit it,i never denied it..But you have more than a few and don't admit it. Your a hypocrite and pretty self righteous to boot."

    The important point being "I HAVE AN EXTRA ID". We all see who's the hypocrite kipper!!!

    Oh dear, after all the accusations kipper, it's you with the mutiple ID's, which one is it eh.....NIGE9366.................haha BUSTED!!!!!

    And fancy spamming the VILLA board, how dare you!!!!!

    PS I am NOT kovansdad you CLOWN!!!

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    • You couldnt ask for better entertainment spam M. Its like playing subuteo all over again. Little players you can flick until the ball crosses the line. It just feels like we got the 12th MAN. You know, the crowd are behind us. Sheer public weight of support n all that.

      Cream always rises to the top mate. Some just get left behind

      You are me and i am you. its all merging into one. JUST LIKE NIGE AND ROY> ITS OBVIOUS THEY ARE JUST ONE PERSON ;)

      ...dont you think


      watch out they're coming to get us
      ooooowoooo eeegghhhhhh

    • Hey Kovan, why do these two fools think I'm you and vice versa...........

      Are they REALLY that thick, or is it just boredom in their sad little lives that they HAVE to reply and stalk me?

      They'll be champing at the bit shortly to get at us......

      But do you see how we have actually drawn them in to the point where they HAD to admit to having numerous ID's.......after all they said!!

      And they REALLY think they ARE clever........LOL

      Another pearl of wisdom from the cyber monkee!!

    • NO monkey brain..The important thingis i never hid behind my other ID. It's not a secret if i have said i have one.

      Come on,you can do better than try and pin damming evidence on someone when they have on many occassions been open about another ID.

      Twisting words to suit your own ends is an art form......Sadely you don't have this skill!

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      • You know Roy, this is the fourth time I have started a reply to this ape, Cant think of anything to say.

        Its about as funny as a wet Suday afternoon reading this hopelessly unwitty idiot trying to goad a response.

        It seems a bit daft, when someone hiding behind an obvioudly false ID accuses someone else of using a false ID.

        I would bet 50/50 on his identity and feel confident of being correct,

        Whats the point.

        OK YAWN give us a clue...who are you. (If I'm asleep when you answer, dont wake me please)