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    H A P P Y N E W Y E A R !!!!

    ............If there is anyone else out there!!!


    Listen boy's theres no one else on the Kidderminster board either...you can find me there most day's if anyone has anything to talk about..


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    • hi everybody oh and the vile one's..... happy new year to everybody even the vile one's...what about the interest in this then nig...Birmingham manager Alex McLeish is interested in Rangers full-back Alan Hutton and Hibernian left-back defender David Murphy?

    • Morning Nigel, This is a topic close to my heart too, i have a great grandfather commemerated on the Loos memorial and a great uncle in his grave at Achicourt Myself and my son along with a couple of mates were the first family to visit 5 years ago.As you know there are numerous sites to visit Vimy Ridge, Theipval to name but a few.June 04 was spent in Normandy with 5 close mates taking in all the landing beaches and areas.We spent time with many of our old boys and American 101 airborn the division who featured in Band of Brothers.lovely humble brave boys everyone we spoke to.If you have not been in this area i well recommend a visit beautiful countryside and very interesting.

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      • Bob,
        You sound as though you have been as often as me. from 88 until , up until last year I went 'somewhere' twice a year, I was on the Somme or Ypres area every summer for a 'commemoration' somewhere. Was at Lochnager Crater at 0730hrs 1st July 1991 for the 75th anniversary of the Somme, to coincide with the time the mine was exploded, then Hawthorn Ridge, Theipval, Newfoundland Park, Gommecourt, Rancourt, Pozieres, Beaumont Hamel Vimy Ridge, and down the Grange tunnels under the Ridge, The Salient, was at the opening of the Cloth hall museum in Ypres by HRH Elizabeth, Verdun, followed the front lines from Nieuport in Belgium down through France to the American sector just south of Verdun at the Argonne, where the Missing battalion went missing and featured in the film.. The names roll of the tongue and i'm sure all very familiar to you. Also went to Berlin for the 1st anniversary of the the Wall coming down in November , 1990, and stood on top of the Berlin Bunker, crossed the bridge at Arnhem, and the bridges captured by the yank airbourne divs, 82nd and 101st,....D'Day landing beaches Gold, Sword, Juno,Utah, Omaha Normandy, St Mare Eglise, well everywhere man, and so the wife didnt grumble too much, I took her once too!

        Most rememberable moment, a chap I met on an organised trip, was Corporal William Rickson of the Buffs, (East Kents)...He fought at Hill 60, in the Salient in 1915, got wounded, was sent back into the Line at St Eloi, got wounded, and he was present opposite a certain Corporal Hitler, although he didnt know that at the time obviously, got wounded, and sent back into the line at Combles on the Somme in September 1916, got wounded again. Sadly Bill died aged 100 in 2000.

        One of my 'abilities' is to play the Highland bagpipes, and I have played at ceremonies the Menin Gate, at Vimy Ridge, The monument to the Newfoundland regiment wiped out at Newfoundland park, Beaumont Hamel.

        I could go on Bob, and I'd love to share more with you and hear about your visits.

        email me your email address Bob, on..... billybunker@btinternet.com

        Cheers Nige

    • Happy new year to all!!!