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  • Dark.Soul Dark.Soul Feb 25, 2008 03:07 Flag

    It was unfortunate

    I have seen worse challenges in the game.He went in with one leg.NOT a 2 footed challenge i might add.

    The injury was horrible and i do not wish it happen to any football.I was sick to my stomache after seeing replays and zoomed in pictures.The ref gave the red card after he had a look at Eduardo.So that had to influence the decision as it was only the 1st few minutes of the game.If there wasn't an injury wasn't as bad as it was i think he'd get only a yellow

    It was a real bad injury n i hope he recovers soon n will be able to play football at his best if not better.

    I'm a man utd fan and i've seen Smith break his leg as well so i can't be biased.I'd rather have Arsenal drop 2 points without eduardo getting injured.

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    • The tackle was a milli second late, how come this guy is still being subject to a debate after almost all of the most respected professionals realise that no malice was ever in that tackle. He was simply a fraction of a second late. How often has Sepp Blatter been a fraction of a minute late? Usually more of then than not. It's about time we had someone running the game world wide that actually knew what they were on about... Make it a defender for christ sake because "Tinys record as a defender is second to none" We all wish Eduardo as speedy and healthy recover but we should also say to Taylor get on with it and forget what everyone is saying you aint a chopper Harris and never will be you are better than that!!!! A Liverpool Fan

    • I've watched it many times to er...dark mate.

      I saw it from the gravel track, and first impressions are that it was a malicious tackle, but having watched Martin Taylor on many occasions, he is not that sort of player. Whether the red was justified or a reaction by the ref after seeing the tackle has to be open to discussion. having said that, perhaps getting Martin off the pitch was the best solution, because I'm sure it would have led to a kicking match had he stayed on.

      Only time will tell now what the reaction will be by BOTH players.

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      • Martin Taylor is definitely not the sort of player to do anything malicious. If it was Nafti or D. Johnson then revenge could be a factor but not taylor.

        I dont fancy him as a player though, he is like Bambi, unsteady on his legs, slow and a poor passer.
        I think Jaidi will be much better in a partnership with Ridgewell.

        One thing though, Taylor is a gentleman, he always tries his hardest, often though his best is just not good enough in fast moving premiership games!