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  • Kevin P Kevin P Apr 10, 2008 10:57 Flag


    looks like bonnie and clyde are up shit creek,the whole club should be arrested for impersonating a football club,soon my wishes will come true and the whole toilet will become a sainsburys.

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    • A club run by pimps, ponces and pornographers deserves all its gets. Even though some aspects of football are murky, the dirty money that finances BCFC shows how desperate the club really is.

    • Yea Kev, I think I'll join them.

      Nothing more to say......

      For now!

    • yes nige,it was comedy value at its best today,i heard that bonnie and clyde went back to the police cells demanding that they be locked up,ha ha ha ha

    • ha ha...comedy at it's best.

    • no worries mate,what became of bonnie and clyde anyway? its a pity capital punishment has been abolished,keep up the good work by winding these F***ers up.up the Villa.

    • No Kevin, apparently I am you mate. Nice to make my acquaintance.

      And I know the bickering and squbbling sucks, but sorry it is not my fault. It is Lonely idFREAK's - he is obsessed. I am pretty sure this board is the only human interaction he gets. He is desperate to keep meeting everyone on here for drinks as I think he has no other friends. Looks obvious.

      This board is important to him, wheras I come on for a bit of banter occasionally while at work. FREAK has spoiled it - sorry.

      I promise I won't let it carry on - I may report him to yahoo and see if they care. Are his slanderous posts a bannable offence? I can hope....

    • You aren't lying back and taking it anymore? Wow, Lonley idFREAK is trying to squeese out a pair. Your mummy would be proud. That's it Lonely, you stand up for yourself. Hilarious.

      You are on your own Lonely, only you are banging on about this id thing. It is your personal issue. I don't mind if you think I use other id's. What difference does it make?

      Now let's stop this embarrassing bickering please.

      Please tell me how I can prove I am not just so I can show you up as a false accuser. I am sure you know how I could.

      And I would like to remind you - I have read your apology to someone else for falsely accusing him of being someone else on this board - based on one of you 'hunches'. The fact you have got your obsession wrong before doesn't encourage any humilty in you, or even allow doubt you might be wrong again. That speaks volumes about your character.

    • Nigel cant admit to his failings and fault in this respect and in this case. WTF do u mean take it lying down????? its a fcuking message board you big jessie.

      Its for ALL. Not just you and Roy. Jeeezz

    • Do you want me to pick your toys up? Your pram looks very empty now.

      I turned it into nothing, AV...internet weirdoTruVillan (YOU) and the other one from down south did that, do you really expect me to lie down and do nothing.? I always fight back, give as good as I get.
      Calling me names, how mature, 'I now dub you' etc Point proven, you are as backward as I always thought. Are you going to put up a thread telling everyone to ignore me like you did with Andy..WTF do you really think you are...Mr know all, no fcukall... How is it that only you off the Villa board have problems with Blues fan's?? Says it all really.

      I am not telling anyone not to come onto any boards, twist that how you wish, like always, After all, you tell everyone who to talk to and who not to talk to.

      I'll be at Villa park this weekend, put a silly claret and blue hat on and say hello.

    • It says truevillan. Not truvillan. FFS realvillan, truevillan, absolutevillan, villanforlife etc are common names for a fan on a forum.

      I don't care if you think I am sad enough to have two ids. I am bored of this now, it is ludicrous and not true. You enjoy your little conspiracy theories. Not bothered.

      Nigel, you are a sad, sad man. Really. Get a life mate.

      No one posts on these boards anymore after you started getting so 'involved'. We used to have a go at each other, there was banter and it was all good.

      You turned it into an id competition with your incessant arguments with people about it.

      I now dub you Lonely idFREAK and will only refer to you as such in future.

      I will continue to post occasionally as me on my Villa board.

      And, Lonely idFREAK, if you are telling villa fans not to come on the Blues board, you should stay off the Villa board.

      You confused individual.

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