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  • well im glad about that roy,if you cant stand the heat f**k off out the kitchen,typical blue nose,ive known your sort for many a year,great at giving it out but you dont like it back,do us all a favour and stay down the south-west with all the other left-handers.

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    • I'm a Villa fan and a Bristol City fan chummy!

      As i said. I looked at your previous posts history and thought you to be a total twat who says things on these boards that he wouldn't say to someones face. You ain't a nice guy.

      So when you gave me some hassle, my 1st thought is not to roll with the banter because unlike most others, it ain't banter with you.

      End off.......Shout in the wind from now on.

      (Nasty,nasty boy,looks like a nasty fool)

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      • what the hell are they putting in the beer down there roy? glad youve got me worked out in that small brain of yours,the hassle is only what you deserve,next time i want to hear from an arsehole i will fart.looks like a nasty fool?what the friggin hell is that supposed to mean or is that a bit more south-western humour? im glad its your last message dickhead im getting bored now.