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  • Jimmy Mac say's he will stay with Blues no matter what...and that goes along with Kapo.

    Isn't it refreshing that to quality player's are prepared to face up to their role in the position Blues are in and help them get out of it. Loyalty...that is.....are you watching Gareth Barry??

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    • sorry nige out of order there , their combined period of service is???

      barry has done nothing wrong and while you know that we are desperate for him to stay,, very few would blame him for calling time on it,,

      we hope to keep him but the out of order issue here is down to liverpool and benitez not barry looking for a move

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      • Janice??...doesn't suit you me old mate!!

        I see what your saying, and you know my feelings about that, I alway's dispair when I see the regions top players linked with teams out of the area. Liverpool...Why...? Don't answer that...but what I am saying is this, I would really like to see OUR teams doing really well, but when OUR best players are continually creamed off, and become squad players at the so called big '4'...how are we evr going to have a Villa win the league of EC again? Not a hope.

        I hope Barry does stay, but I wont hold my breath.

    • Loyalty is also with fans.
      So please all you fine weather supporters...Get behind your team.
      This is a Baggie talking...I have suffered too but am still a true stripes supporter and have been since the early 1960's.
      I want ALL west midlands' teams to succeed.
      First your own..Then your local friends and neighbours and then England etc.

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      • Well said Clive

        Take your preferences from the local area, and stop when you get to England.

        I have done the same thing down here in Bristol.

        Bristol 1st, then Villa.....There's naff all in between Bristol and Birmingham to support, so i feel justified in leaping an hour or so away for my second team.

        OK i could have gone 45 mins east to swindon or........Oh shut up Roy.

        And Nig...Barry is going nowhere. I know cus it said so in the Daily Star!!