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  • Loyalty is also with fans.
    So please all you fine weather supporters...Get behind your team.
    This is a Baggie talking...I have suffered too but am still a true stripes supporter and have been since the early 1960's.
    I want ALL west midlands' teams to succeed.
    First your own..Then your local friends and neighbours and then England etc.

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    • Well said Clive

      Take your preferences from the local area, and stop when you get to England.

      I have done the same thing down here in Bristol.

      Bristol 1st, then Villa.....There's naff all in between Bristol and Birmingham to support, so i feel justified in leaping an hour or so away for my second team.

      OK i could have gone 45 mins east to swindon or........Oh shut up Roy.

      And Nig...Barry is going nowhere. I know cus it said so in the Daily Star!!