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  • Here we go.....the much denied sell off begins:

    Blues accept £5m bid for Muamba
    Fri 13 Jun, 04:45 PM

    Birmingham have reportedly accepted an offer, believed to be around £5million, from Bolton for England Under-21 international Fabrice Muamba.The Birmingham Evening Mail says that Blues have accepted a £5million fee - with £750,000 in potential add-ons - for the midfielder, despite boss Alex McLeish claiming that he is not for sale.

    But with Birmingham adamant that they are not selling James McFadden or Sebastian Larsson, they have decided to cash in on Muamba, after Bolton offered to almost treble the figure they paid to Arsenal just last summer.

    Bolton certainly need midfield reinforcements after losing Ivan Campo this summer.

    That's the style..................................stuff the supporters, sell off the crown jewel's.


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    • Yes Nige, big Kev although clumsey did do quite well for us, I remember a great goal against Leeds in the cup a few years back. It now looks like we are not going to get Koller after all and Kapo looks set to leave, not looking good for us at the moment.

    • Don't know prest....

      All I know is what I have read, which isn't alot, and that Koller is 6' 7" tall. If he is half as successful as our last 6' 7" Zulu big Kev Francis I'll be well happy, but will try and research it more.

      Laters Nige

    • Agree Nige. I think we should be in the mix by the end of the season although going up is not a given.
      Not sure about Koller though, smells a bit like what Brucey tried to do a couple of seasons ago with regard to signing some old boys.
      Any thoughts?


    • I find it amazing to listen to so called blues supporters slamming the new manager and the board, you all have very short memories!
      I remember Trevor Francis being sold to Notts Forest,and before that Bob Latchford to Everton, since those days Birmingham have always sold their best players - Until David Sullivan bought the club and saved it from being broken up by the receiver (remember the Kumar's)?
      this has been the best time to be a blues supporter, the ground is no longer the shite hole that it was, we are buying players more often then selling our good ones, relegation gives financial difficulties, if Muamba is the only player we lose on the campaign to return to the premiership then the board will have done well, my advice is to replace the entire back line with the exception of Stephen Kelly, poor defending cost us relegation!

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      • Slow down Julie.........Short memories?? I wouldn't say anyone has a short memory Julie........least of all the posters on this board. We have endured proberbly more than most. You appear to have a long memory yourself, and refer to the selling of our prized assets, well do you remember the whip round in 1988 to buy Brian Roberts from Coventry for £5000? I certainly do, and a good crowd was 5500.... Those were the bad old days, like losing to Altrincham and Kidderminster at home when they were non league...and still are!, in the same period. No one is knocking the new manager...I will certainly knock the old one mind!! And I for one will not knock the board for the very reason you state...without them St Andrews would have become Solihull Boroughs home ground ! If you study the posts, the general concensus is that we need a new centre half and one full back, although Murphy did seem to settle down...and yes I agree the defence looks shaky...I am sure that Big Eck will sort that. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, whether it is for or against the current management..........I for one am in favour, but it doesnt help having dead wood like the Chinese imput attempting to upset the Status quo either. Unfortunately we went down because of one reson...we werent good enough to get 37points. and the defence was responsible for that....however...I am looking forward to the new season, despite relegation......isn't it refreshing to play in a league where the winner isn't a foregone conclusion?


    • Looks like you spoke to soon about keeping your best players Nig!

      That top 3 best villages in Britain i was saying about was Lapworth.....Stones throw from Brum apparently