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  • NLondonisred NLondonisred Aug 15, 2008 16:28 Flag

    No sympathy from this gooner

    As a Gooner I must say that listening to that w*nker Larrson looking for a premier team to "rescue" him made me laugh! Going back to when Eduardo had his leg broken against your lot,he was the only one who thought it was a good idea to slag off Wenger for his initial reaction (which he took back after any way). He is proof of a bitter man who could not make it at Arsenal trying to get his own back and now he is not happy playing in the Championship. Get use to it mate just look at your pay packet and thank your lucky stars you are not on the 1700 per month I live on!
    Good luck with Owesei he was promising for us but was not focused enough. Its a shame these young men who get a chance in life to get paid good money to play footie are so selfish.
    Enjoy life in the 1st and may the best team get promoted.

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    • Fair comment mate.....

      He looked good in a poor Birmingham side last season....and has regarded himself in the better than anyone else class. Larsson needs a short sharp bringing back down to earth shock. Suggest a few games on the bench, while more loyal players are given a chance.

      5* for your post

    • I totally agree.
      If Seb Larsson expects to play for a bigger club then the best way to do it is keep his Svenske mouth shut and let the football talk, he has had 1 good season, but if he plays like he did last saturday he will find it hard to attract a premiership club.
      He was a disgrace to watch, the television cameras probably didnt pick most of it up, but he was walking around, not making runs, not interested in the game and pulling out of easy challenges, it was a cowardly, petulant performance, when he did make an effort it was quite visible that the rest of the team didnt want to pass to him!
      it was wise to take him off, and I believe big Eck should stick him on the bench until he earns the right to play in royal blue again!