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    Best Start for 100 Year's

    Let's hope they don't fcuk it up........

    We are talking about Birmingham City after all. !!

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    • Best start for 100 years?
      we may be 2nd in the championship, but do we deserve to be??
      Most matches we have won by a single goal and have only created 2 or 3 chances the entire match, we are very lucky to enjoy the points tally we have!
      unless we have a drastic improvement in our midfield structure and performance I feel we will be very lucky to get into the play offs!
      we have the strikers, the defence is looking adequate, but where is the exciting passing and movement??
      we need to invest in January, we have steel in midfield, but we need creativity as well!

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      • Julie,
        I agree with some of what you say, but I have alway's thought that to get out of this league, we will need to forget pretty football, and get win's or failing that, points on the board early, in any fashion.We maybe winning ugly, but we are winning. If we were to play the Chelsea way and finish 7th, this board would be awash with posters shouting that we should have gone out to win, any way, just to get back up.
        The season is a marathon not a sprint, I agree thatcertain areas of the team need addressing, but the points are accumilating, and when we hit a run of bad luck, we now have them points on the board as a buffer.

        I say Ek has done well with what he has got. We are currently the 'Arsenal' of the Championship, grinding out points, in our fashion. I bet other teams wish they could get our current points tally, without playing well.